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Membership Hall of Fame Luncheon

Join us as we share in the celebration!

Please join us as we share in the celebration of membership success with special guests including Imperial Sir Bill Bailey, the Imperial Divan, Masonic Grand Masters, and Appendant Body leaders.

Recruitment and retention are the keys to a strong fraternity. The Membership Award Program recognizes Shrine Centers and their leaders who experience a net gain or improvement in regular membership during the calendar year.

This year’s Membership Hall of Fame luncheon is our opportunity to honor the Shrine Centers that achieved membership success in 2021.

2021 Membership Hall of Fame Inductees

 Abou Saad Shriners Agila Shriners 
 Almas Shriners Amal Shriners
 Anezeh Shriners El Katif Shriners   
Hadi Shriners 
 Hikmat Shriners
  Jamil Shriners  Kazim Shriners
Khiva Shriners
 Kismet Shriners
 Mabuhay Shriners  Moslah Shriners  
Nemesis Shriners
Salaam Shriners  
 Tigris Shriners
 Zelzah Shriners
Zorah Shriners    

We also recognized 64 Shrine Centers in the Silver category and 51 Shrine Centers earning a Bronze designation for membership improvement over the previous year.