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SIEF Programs

SIEF Noble Academy Membership & Marketing Conference and Masters Class

The Shriners International Education Foundation (SIEF) Noble Academy Membership & Marketing Conference and Masters Class is composed of an annual in-person conference plus four virtual events that take place throughout the year. Learners have the option to enroll in one or two certificate programs, each representing a different learning level, allowing learners to select the learning path that corresponds with their level of experience.

In-Person Conference: Elevate your knowledge, broaden your network and leave a lasting impact at our in-person conference. Taking place in various destination cities, this event is one you definitely will not want to miss! Participate in dynamic discussions, and acquire invaluable strategies and insights from leading experts. Join us for a mix of meaningful dialogue, enriching fellowship and enjoyable moments that go beyond the conventions of traditional conferences. Enhance your professional journey by joining us.

Virtual Event Series: Dive into our Virtual Event Series, featuring four impactful online sessions, each dedicated to a crucial aspect of effective membership management. These sessions cover key areas, including marketing, communications, branding and public relations. Experience interactive learning and networking opportunities during live attendance, and ensure continuous progress with on-demand access. All of this leads to earning your valuable Apprentice certificate. Join us on the path to enhanced membership management!

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Let Learning Never Cease

Shriners International and the SIEF Noble Academy invite you to continue to expand your knowledge and expertise with participation in our conferences, programs and virtual events.