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The Imperial Divan is the international governing body of the fraternity, consisting of 12 “Imperial Officers” who act as a corporate Board of Directors.

Each year, an Imperial Officer is elected to the lowest position on the Imperial Divan – the Imperial Outer Guard – and traditionally each position moves up one position each year, except for the Imperial Recorder and Imperial Treasurer, who are elected to their positions each year and do not move up in position.

The highest position on the Imperial Divan is the Imperial Potentate. This position is a one-year term serving as the president and chief executive officer of Shriners International and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shriners Children's, the fraternity’s official philanthropy.

The Imperial Potentate's significant other honorably serves as the First Lady, supporting the Shriners International fraternity and Shriners Children's philanthropy.


Day-to-day management of fraternal business is managed by our headquarters administration team in Tampa, Florida.

Executive Committees

Annually, the Imperial Potentate appoints fraternity members to serve as advisors to support two main functions, Marketing and Communications and Membership. These committees meet throughout the year to execute strategic goals and objectives set fourth by the Imperial Divan.

Membership Committee

Chairman: TBA
Vice Chairman: TBA

Marketing and Communications Committee

Chairman: Kevin R. Costello, Cyprus Shriners
Vice Chairman: Lawrence J. Leib, Moslem Shriners

International Development Committee

The International Development Committee is appointed by the Imperial Potentate. The committee promotes, coordinates and manages the international development of Shriners International and provides administrative support and guidelines for the creation of new Shriners, Shrine Clubs and Shrine Centers outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Chairman: TBA
Vice Chairman: TBA


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