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Shriners Next Generation

Shriners Next Generation (#ShrinersNextGen) is a feature highlighting current and future fraternity leaders.

Meet some of the men who have decided to make a difference in the world! Through their good character, compassion, loyalty, fellowship and support of their brotherhood, these men are today's change makers. These are men who care. These are men who are committed to growth and improvement of themselves and their communities, who ultimately want to make the world a better place in which to live.

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Shriners International 2024 #NextGen


Ben Meyer
Abou Bekr Shriners
Attorney Magistrate

Ben Meyer believes that being visible as a Mason is important for the growth of membership and recruitment for the Shriners fraternity. He often wears something with the square and compass or a Shriners logo as a conversation starter and has found it to be a successful tactic. Meyer is always happy to share his experience as a Freemason and Shriner and educate others about Freemasonry.

Meyer is active in both his Blue Lodge and Abou Bekr Shriners, holding several leadership positions. He is especially proud of the Table Lodge event he helped put together. A Table Lodge is a dinner and special ceremony that often includes food, Masonic toasts, and a guest speaker.

As a Shriner, he is all about the fun of the fraternity and enjoys riding ATVs in parades and attending events with his family.

Nick Glass headshot Nick Glass
Ainad Shriners

Ainad Shriner Nick Glass became a Mason and Shriner in 2015. He joined the Drum & Bugle Corps the same year and is currently the Drum Major, leading the band at all performances.

Still in his 20s, he’s one of the younger members of the fraternity and says he finds value in the networking experience the fraternity offers.

Nick is truly grateful for the lifelong friendships being a Shriner has made possible.

Scott Schwartz headshot Scott Schwartz
Kalurah Shriners
High School Teacher

Scott Schwartz has found a happy correlation between his job and his leadership roles within Kalurah Shriners and his Lodge. “Being on the Divan and past Master of my Lodge, and now a district officer, I'm getting so much leadership experience, which is helping me with my usual vocations as a teacher and coach."

Last year, he planned a successful joint membership event with the local Lodge and Scottish Rite. When recruiting new members, Noble Schwartz says he often talks about all the fun things they do as Shriners and their support of Shriners Children’s.

He became a Master Mason at Windsor Lodge 442 in Windsor, New York, in 2018. Shortly after being raised, he joined Kalurah Shriners. A year later, he was appointed to the Kalurah Divan. In 2022, he was named Mason of the Year at Windsor Lodge.

Carlos Lopez headshot Carlos Lopez
Abou Saad Shriners

Carlos Lopez of Abou Saad Shriners (Panama) is proud to have played a role in helping several children with serious burn injuries access care at Shriners Children’s Texas. This effort requires the coordination of many people in different countries.

One of the most popular ways Abou Saad brings visibility and interest in the fraternity is through hosting music events such as a Jazz festival and various tribute concerts.

Noble Lopez is an active Freemason and Shriner and has held leadership positions within his Lodge, other appendant bodies, and with Abou Saad Shriners.

Jordan Holland headshotJordan Holland
Aladdin Shriners
Sr. Business Analyst

Jordan Holland, a member of Aladdin Shriners, takes pride in continuing the legacy of fun and fellowship that started over 150 years ago.

Jordan believes that increased visibility is crucial to attract new members. To achieve this, Aladdin Shriners organizes a Young Freemasons event before each ceremonial to generate interest in Shriners membership.

Apart from his involvement with the Shriners fraternity, Jordan is also a member of Triangle Lodge 748.

Gregory Foster headshotGregory Foster
El Jebel Shriners
IT Consultant

Gregory Foster of El Jebel Shriners uses his IT/project management skills to help his fellow Masonic leaders make the best use of technology for communications and membership recruitment/retention. Updating websites, adding new features (such as online dues payment) and bringing the groups into the world of social media, has contributed to 10 new prospective members.

Offline, he promotes Masonry and membership at a local cigar club event. He also invites those interested to community events his chapter hosts, such as ice cream socials.

When Foster isn’t working at his day job, he keeps busy as a member of three Blue Lodges (he holds the position of Secretary at two of them). He is also a member of the York and Scottish Rites; editor of the combined Trestleboard for the Masonic bodies in his area, and serves on the El Jebel Board.

He also has a personal connection to Shriners Children’s as his cousin received orthopedic care as a child and continues to do well.

Alberto Gockov headshotAlberto Gockove
Emirat Shriners

Alberto Gockov of Emirat Shriners, Germany, enjoys the fun and fellowship of being a Shriner. He is very active within his chapter's clubs and units.

To educate and encourage fellow Masons to join Shriners International, he takes five minutes before the close of his Luftbrücke 838 meetings (Wiesbaden, Gernmany) to talk about current activities and opportunities.

In addition to his involvement with his Lodge and Emirat Shriners, Noble Gockov is a Holy Royal Arch Mason, a Royal Ark Mariner, a member of the Red Cross of Constantin and a Scottish Rite Mason.

Gerald Robinson headshotGerald Robinson
Cahaba Shriners
Crew Leader, Gas Operations

As membership chairman of Cahaba Shriners, Gerald Robinson strives to not only recruit new members, but to make nobles and their families feel welcome and included.

He’s created a packet of information specifically designed for new Master Masons, and a presentation for new nobles and their spouses that provides an in-depth look at Shriners International and Shriners Children’s.

To bring more fun to membership, Robinson has created a program for new nobles where they earn points for participating in activities, joining a club or unit, bringing in a new member, etc.

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