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Award-winning Temple Offers Tips for Creating Communications That Nobles Love

When Oleksii Chuiko gets into the creative zone, he keeps these concepts top of mind. As the Shriner in charge of communications for Asiya Shriners in San Mateo, California, Oleksii is inspired to use a bold, unconventional approach to draw his readers in.

And it’s working. In 2023, Asiya Shriners earned a Dromedary Award for best in email communications for their Units and Clubs Updates campaign, and in 2022 they took the top prize in the magazine category for Salaam, which is published three times a year.

“Our main strategy is to ensure that our communications are clear, concise and include a call to action. Humor is essential, and our nobles are responding to a less formal, more creative approach,” said Oleksii, who is director of operations for Asiya Shriners. “Whether it's an invitation for an upcoming event or a request for volunteers, we always provide a way for nobles to engage directly. User friendliness of the entire process cannot be overemphasized,” he added.

Recognizing that each unit and club operates with its unique flair and focus, Units and Clubs Updates captures the activities that members passionately organize and engage in. Inspirational spotlights showcasing the hard work and dedication of nobles motivate others to actively contribute to their respective groups. It is less about disseminating information and more about crafting an engaging narrative of their shared journey.

“Asiya Shriners’ use of bold, colorful graphics and their clever approach to content are different from many other Shriner publications and make them really stand out,” commented one of the Dromedary Awards judges.

Logo der Asiya Shriners in Kalifornien, Parade der Shriners mit schwenkender amerikanischer Flagge und kalifornischer Flagge