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{"data":[{"message":"Happy #FezFriday! Today, we are highlighting the deserving Shriners who were recognized with the Award of Merit this week at Imperial Session in Daytona Beach, Fl. Congratulations to Peter Diaz, M.D, member of the Shriners Hospitals for Children Board of Trustees; John Piland, Ansar Shriners, Executive Vice President of Shriners International; Robert Kuehn, Medinah Shriners; Gordon Harris, Bahia Shriners; and David Ragan, NASCAR Ambassador, Oasis Shriners. #imperial2018","story":"Shriners International added 5 new photos.","created_time":"2018-07-20T15:15:02+0000","id":"114518182167_10154854702377168"},{"message":"Congratulations to our Imperial Potentate and First Lady. We wish you a wonderful year!","created_time":"2018-07-19T16:15:37+0000","id":"114518182167_10154852891312168"},{"message":"We have a few Imperial Session Photo Contest Winners to announce: Keppen Clayton for the #shrinersfamily entry; Farrah Cone for #shrinerslegacy; and Michael C. Russell and Chuck McEvers for #shrinerselfie. Thanks to all who entered. We will see you next year in Nashville!","created_time":"2018-07-19T12:49:44+0000","id":"114518182167_10154852735057168"},{"message":"Each year, the First Lady of Shriners International sponsors a fundraising program benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children. This year\u2019s fundraiser, \"Little Pops of Love,\" supports Pediatric Orthotic and Prosthetic Services (POPS), which provides custom-designed prosthetic and orthotic devices, allowing children with limb deficiencies and other orthopaedic challenges accomplish amazing things, be active participants in the world around them, and pursue their dreams. www.lovetotherescue.org\/first-lady-program","story":"Shriners International shared Shriners Hospitals for Children's video.","created_time":"2018-07-18T18:27:37+0000","id":"114518182167_10154851392142168"},{"message":"We\u2019re live at the 144th Imperial Session marketplace for a very special prize drawing with NASCAR driver and Shriner David Ragan.","story":"Shriners International was live.","created_time":"2018-07-18T16:16:36+0000","id":"114518182167_10154851230867168"}]}