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Supporting Shriners Children's

More Than Just a Membership: Building a Legacy

Shriners International members, their families and partner organizations are committed to improving the lives of children throughout the world. Through fundraising, volunteering, education, awareness campaigns, board leadership and more, the impact of the fraternity and supporters, help Shriners Children's provide the most amazing care anywhere. 

Serving on Shriners Hospitals Boards

Shriner leadership

An exclusive benefit as a Shriner is the opportunity to serve in several meaningful and mission critical roles in support of the healthcare system. Shriners are elected by the fraternity’s membership to strategically guide the healthcare system’s direction through serving on Shriners Children’s Board of Directors, Shriners Children’s Board of Trustees and at a local level as officers on each location's Board of Governors.

First Lady's Program

First Lady Debby Bailey’s Transforming Lives fundraising program shines a light on the amazing contributions Shriners Children's brings to the field of scoliosis care and supports these efforts.

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Patient Transportation

patient loading up to transport vehicle

Each Shrine Center has a special unit of transporters called the Road Runners. For each trip, they pick up a local child and their family, drive them to a Shriners Children's location for treatment, and then return with them back home. The transportation is at no cost to the child’s family, but the Road Runners say they are paid with smiles from children and families. The Patient Transportation Handbook (updated version coming soon) is a resource developed for our Shriners and outlines recommendations on a variety of topics.

Hospital Volunteers


Members have many unique volunteer opportunities at a local hospital level that are often reserved exclusively for Shriners including serving as tour guides and other meaningful roles at Shriners Children's. These opportunities offer a first-hand experience of the philanthropy we Shriners support.

Women and Philanthropy

Women & Philanthropy empowers all women, diverse in age, interests and backgrounds, to take action and make a positive impact. Members recognize that our gifts go further and have greater influence when we give together.

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