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Presenting the 2023 Dromedary Awards

Presenting the 2023 Dromedary Awards

Shriners International is proud to announce the winners of the 2023 Dromedary Awards, which celebrates excellence in temple communications! Congratulations to all our winners and honorable mentions, and thank you to everyone who entered this year's competition!
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Ashley Ozols-Thomas:

Hello nobles, ladies, and friends, welcome to the presentation of the 2023 Dromedary Awards winners. I'm Ashley Ozols-Thomas, Digital Content Specialist for Shriners International and Shriners Children's. We want to thank everyone who participated in this year's competition. Your hard work and dedication to creating interesting and informative temple communications does not go unnoticed by Shriners International. If you didn't enter your temple communications into this year's Dromedary Awards, you should consider doing so in 2024. Not only does our panel of impartial judges choose winners and honorable mentions in six categories, but they also provide valuable feedback for all entries. We continue to see the quality of temple communications progress each year, and we commend you for your commitment to excellence in temple communications.

Let's get started with the awards. In the Magazines category our winners are Ainad Shriners from East St. Louis, Illinois, with Ainad Bulletin; Murat Shriners from Indianapolis, Indiana, with Murat Magazine. And the honorable mentions are, Rajah Shriners from Reading, Pennsylvania, with Rajah News; Syria Shriners from Cheswick, Pennsylvania with Voice of Syria.

In the Newspapers category, the winners are Abu Bekr Shriners, from Sioux Falls, Iowa, with Abu Bekr News; Midian Shriners from Wichita, Kansas, with Midian Topics. And the honorable mentions are, Alee Shriners from Savannah, Georgia, with Alee Fez; Zenobia Shriners from Perrysburg, Ohio, with Zenobia Hadji.

In the Websites category, the winners are Jamil Shriners from Columbia, South Carolina; Kena Shriners from Manassas, Virginia. And the honorable mentions are Naja Shriners from Rapid City, South Dakota; Syria Shriners from Cheswick, Pennsylvania.

In the Facebook category, the winners are Alzafar Shriners from San Antonio, Texas; Salah Shriners from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. And the honorable mentions are Beni Kedem Shriners from Charleston, West Virginia; Zenobia Shriners from Perrysburg, Ohio.

In the Instagram category, the winners are Anezah Shriners from Mexico City, Mexico; Salah Shriners from Florianopolis, Santa Katarina, Brazil. And the Honorable mentions are Emirat Shriners from Wiesbaden, Germany; Moolah Shriners from St. Louis, Missouri.

In the Email Communications category, the winners are Asiya Shriners from San Mateo, California, with Units and Clubs Updates; Hadi Shriners from Evansville, Indiana, with Upcoming June Events!! And the honorable mentions are Aahmes Shriners from Livermore, California, with Divan Breakfast; Murat Shriners from Indianapolis, Indiana, with Shrine Happenings.

Congratulations to all of our winners and honorable mentions. And thank you again to everyone that submitted entries. We will send the judges' comments for all entries to temple potentates via regular mail. Also, look out for the email announcement coming soon that has photos and links to the winning communication pieces. Be sure to check those out and maybe even get some ideas for your own temple communications. Thank you.

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