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2022 Dromedary Award Winners

2022 Dromedary Awards

Find out who is the best of the best in fraternity communications, as we present the 2022 Dromedary Awards winners.
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Mel Bower: Hello Nobles, Ladies and Friends! Welcome to the presentation of the 2022 Dromedary Awards winners! I’m Mel Bower, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Shriners International and Shriners Children’s. I’m also a member of Ainad Shriners of East St. Louis, Illinois.

The first Dromedary Awards was presented at the 1989 Imperial Session, and so much has changed since then! In the early years of the awards, we honored print communications including newspapers, newsletters and magazines. Since then, the way we communicate with each other has evolved drastically, and the Dromedary Awards has added four categories to reflect that.

The tagline for the awards is “Excellence in Communications,” and I’m proud to say that we received a lot of submissions that live up to that statement. Please keep in mind that excellence isn’t just about having the perfect communication piece, it’s also about constantly striving to improve, learning about your audience and adapting to new styles of communication as needed.

Our panel of impartial judges had a difficult time choosing the winners, and all of our entrants should be proud of their efforts!

Let’s get started with the Awards!

In the Magazines category our Winners are:

Asiya Shriners San Mateo, California Salaam

Syria Shriners Cheswick, Pennsylvania Voice of Syria

And the Honorable Mentions are:

Ansar Shriners Springfield, Illinois Ansars

Kena Shriners Manassas, Virginia Kenagram

In the Newspapers category the Winners are:

Ismailia Shriners Buffalo, New York Shrine Smile

Oasis Shriners Charlotte, North Carolina Desert Dust

And the Honorable Mentions are:

Syrian Shriners Cincinnati, Ohio The Shriek

Zelzah Shriners Las Vegas, Nevada Zelzah News

In the Websites category, the Winners are:

Aloha Shriners Honolulu, Hawaii

Boumi Shriners Rosedale, Maryland

And the Honorable Mentions are:

Alee Shriners Savannah, Georgia

Zor Shriners Madison, Wisconsin

In the Facebook category, the Winners are:

El Riad Shriners Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Zor Shriners Madison, Wisconsin

And the Honorable Mentions are:

Aleppo Shriners Wilmington, Massachusetts

El Zaribah Shriners Phoenix, Arizona

In the Instagram category, the Winners are:

Abou Saad Shriners Panama City, Panama

Anezeh Shriners Mexico City, Mexico

And the Honorable Mentions are:

El Riad Shriners Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Kazim Shriners Roanoke, Virginia

In the Email Communications category, the Winners are:

Aad Shriners Hermantown, Minnesota Circus Volunteer Appreciation Email

Zembo Shriners Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Zembo & the National Historic Registry Email

And the Honorable Mentions are:

Aleppo Shriners Wilmington, Massachusetts Wicked Important Stuff

Medinah Shriners Addison, Illinois Mighty Monday Newsletter

Mel: Congratulations to all our winners and honorable mentions, and thank you again to everyone that submitted entries. We will send the judges’ comments for all entries to Temple Potentates via regular mail.

Also, look out for the email announcement coming soon that has photos and links to the winning communication pieces. Be sure to check those out, and maybe even find some inspiration for your future communications. Thank you.