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Shriners Values: The Value of Philanthropy

Shriners Values: The Value of Philanthropy

Philanthropy through the eyes of Jason Polonsky, Aleppo Shriners.
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Now I wake up every day go to work go to the gym and then either do the civic service I do with the local town I'm home enjoy a little downtime my fiancee go to bed reset do it the next day.

I think I always knew at some point I would join the shrine and then when I turned 21 I joined the Masons and soon after joined the Shriners and knowing I'm a third generation Shriner it just means a lot to me to continue the tradition you know the Shriners are there for people that again may not have had the care if we weren't there the hospital system was not there first I tried it on today yeah the 22 hospitals the Shriners were able to support are helping more lives than we can ever be able to appreciate.

The meat director at the time called me out and he's actually an amazing and he said you know what do you think if we tried to do this charity competition in December I thought the idea was a little out there but you know if we're gonna try why not the shrine and we started to throw some feelers out there and when we started to advertise it I think people got excited about it prior to the meet I had my Fez on and I was able to explain a little bit of what the shrine does who they helped and where their money was going to help I think that everybody was eager to help them and it helped explain the shrine to a whole new demographic I think they left there thinking wow I did something good today and that's how I want people to feel every day he's very caring and always willing to help anybody he takes a lot of time out of his days and weekends whether it's for the town whether it's going to shrine events whether it's helping somebody move furniture whether it's you know volunteering his time at a meet you know just everything not just trying to related it goes down to the type of person he is and he's that's why I'm marrying him I can't explain in words but Friday I have him him he's become a young man with purpose and direction and if I had as much purpose in direction he had I'll be pretty good guy Jason is amazing when he puts his mind to anything he does it 24/7 he's thinking talking acting shrine.

I'd love to make this more regional event and potentially hold it at a shrine location so that it makes even more awareness for the Shriners more lifters means more contribution to the hospitals means more eyes seeing the shrine logo and meeting Shriners it's really just about awareness letting people know that Shriners are around we are affiliated with in the organization lifters within the organization of Shriners judges within the organization of Shriners and hopefully it's just spreading the awareness of the Shriners so people know you know these hospitals are out there and you know there are kids out there they would give anything to be on the platform lifting weights on behalf of revolution powerlifting syndicate and RPS New England I like to present to you this check for the amount of three thousand dollars to the Springfield Shriners Hospital hopefully we continue for many years and I think that there's only one way to go and that's just to build on a success and make it better every year because you know the proceeds that you're helping generate are going back to this philanthropy that is the Shriners Hospital.