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2015 Shriners Values: The Value of Family

2015 Shriners Values: The Value of Family

Family through the eyes of Ralph Jubb III, Al Kader
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Everybody it's me Jim Cunningham your man on the street we're in Houston

Houston Texas the biggest city in the biggest state in the lower 48 named for Sam Houston patriot first president of the republic of Texas then governor of the great state of Texas a u.s. senator and wait for it yes a freemason interesting sidenote Houston the first words spoken from the moon Houston this is tranquility base the eagle has landed and speaking of landing the shriners have landed in Houston for a great week and it all kicked off with the walk for love.

Oh this is a great event to help us build awareness or trainers out those four children and and we built it up from last year where Evan we have a lot more participants this year and it just spills awareness.

Thank you for being here and walking today every step you take is a step forward for our kids thank you very much.

Just the warmest feeling about the kids that are being here do you notice even the ones that couldn't walk the ones that had to be pushed around the ones that were in pressure garments from having been burned so bad they all had a smile those kids are an inspiration to us it's a health walk a health activity that we want to get our patients and families and Shriners involved in you know having them be able to cross the finish line it's a really important thing to them and they may not have had that opportunity to do that before so we always want them to be having a day where they're welcome where they feel like they're home they're comfortable in their surroundings and we can raise some awareness for a Shriners Hospitals for children and some fun thank you for all your hard work and you do a good job.

Thanking all the Shriners and all the donors who donate to the Shriners to make this rehabilitation possible for his son well I just want to say thank you so much and everything that you guys do for all of us feeling it's a lot to me what happened to me change my life but thanks to you guys is has been for the better thank you I just want to thank you for what you've done you've changed my life in every single way I would never be the person that I am today I wouldn't have the confidence and I'd probably wouldn't even know how to tie my shoes we are gonna have a great week Shriners I'm chip cutting in i will see you on the street.