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Become an RMD and Help Our Temples Grow

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Shriners International, known for its commitment to fun, fellowship and philanthropy, relies on the dedication of its members to thrive. Our organization’s regional membership directors (RMDs) play a pivotal role in growing our fraternity and ensuring the continued success of Shrine temples (chapters).

It’s extremely rewarding to help effect positive change in the fraternity. As Chief Membership Development Officer Bryan Harrison said, RMDs are leaders in their Shrine communities who help create the change at the local level. That change at the local level can, and does, trickle up to the Shriners fraternity as a whole. Most importantly, RMDs develop unique knowledge that makes their contributions to change especially powerful.

“These men out in the field are subject matter experts, positioned as our best and brightest, to be able to consult at a temple level, for all of us to improve,” he said.

Who Makes a Great RMD?

Any noble who has a dedication to the fraternity and wants to do everything he can to help Shriners grow and continue to be a force for good in our communities.

Shriners RMDs receive special training so that they can offer advice and assistance in many aspects of membership growth and development. Regions are composed of multiple temples, and the RMD serves as the initial point of contact for those temples in regard to membership and recruitment. He provides counsel on best practices and facilitates resources available through Shriners International. The RMD can assist temples in planning their annual initiatives and help them stay on track, or adjust, as the year progresses. He can also help temples utilize the Membership Development System to identify and manage prospects.

Most importantly, with his expertise and empathy, the RMD encourages and supports temples all year long.

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RMD Responsibilities

The role of the regional membership director has advanced in recent years to be an important part of the fraternity’s membership team. As the official liaison to the Imperial Membership Committee, the RMD’s interactions with the temples in their region sets them up for overall membership success.

RMDs dedicate at least 12 to 15 hours per month to the position. Every month, they should plan to consult with each temple in their region individually. In addition, RMDs meet as a group with the Imperial Membership Committee. Other time is spent reviewing emails and other correspondence, working with others in the membership department and working with temple liaisons. Once a year, they attend a Membership & Marketing Conference, for which there is reimbursement, and Imperial Session.

Regional membership directors have a key role in helping the fraternity meet its goals, including converting Master Mason prospects using, encouraging temples to send at least two representatives to the Membership & Marketing Conference and Masters Class in-person event, supporting temples in submitting an entry in the Fun & Fellowship Competition, and more.

Each RMD brings unique local knowledge to the role.

“Probably the main reason I became a regional membership director is because I love the fraternity,” said David “Dave” Dobson, Jr., the regional membership director of Region 10, which is made up of 15 temples stretching from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and into Virginia. “I definitely love Shriners Children’s. I just wanted to be a part of something to help that process, to help it grow and sustain the future of the fraternity.”

“My main thing is If someone has a question and I can help them, I consider that a win and a success,” added Dave, who said he makes contact with every temple in his region – somehow – every month. “I’m happy to help people.”

“I think one of the key things to increase membership is the membership development system,” Dave said. “I try to encourage the temples to use that if they aren’t. It’s a very good resource. You get leads from it. They’re often Master Masons already.”

Adrian Aguayo Macias, RMD for Region 15, which encompasses the international temples, has had impact in his role by focusing on the connection with Masonry. Meeting with Masons, using social media to spread the word, and making the fraternity’s fun and fellowship opportunities relevant to a younger demographic work well in his area.

“Social media allows the Masons to realize we are here,” Adrian said. With the new visibility provided by social media, more and more Masons in his region are realizing there’s something special about the Shriners fraternity, and that it is something they would enjoy being a part of.

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A Rewarding Role

While the responsibilities of a regional membership director may seem challenging, the role comes with its own set of rewards. The satisfaction of seeing a local temple flourish due to successful recruitment efforts is a source of immense pride. RMDs have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with fellow nobles, fostering a sense of unity and brotherhood within the fraternity.

Additionally, the position provides a platform for personal and professional growth. Regional membership directors gain valuable leadership experience, enhancing their skills in communication, organization and strategic planning. The fulfillment derived from positively impacting the lives of both current and prospective members adds a deeper layer of satisfaction to the role.

Most importantly, though, service as a regional membership director is a recognition of great potential to accomplish tangible results within one’s area of influence. The regional membership director is truly a servant leader, measuring success through consistent contributions to the needs of the local temples, receiving no pay yet gaining deep and sincere satisfaction in helping others, and being part of positive change in the fraternity.

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