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Resources Give Temples a Marketing Boost

Nobel Fehl and Noble White

Gary Fehl (left) and Michael White (right)


Regional Marketing Directors and a New Toolkit Give Local Chairmen a Place to Turn

Like their counterparts the Regional Membership Directors, Regional Marketing Directors serve as mentors and as someone the temple chairmen can turn to for help. Regional Marketing Directors can give advice regarding marketing and communications matters, acting as a liaison between the temples in the region and headquarters.

Gary Fehl, a Shriner for 24 years and Regional Marketing and Communications Director (Midwest) for the Beja Shriners in Green Bay, Wisconsin, explains the importance of having a RMD at a temple’s disposal.

“It’s invaluable to the temples in that they have ‘one of their own’ to talk to about issues they may be experiencing. If the RMD doesn’t have an immediate answer, he has a wealth of experience in his RMD network to pull from, as well as the headquarters staff,” he said.

“Throughout my region, I continually offer my support and advice on best practices learned through my travels and communications,” said Michael White, Regional Marketing and Communications Director (Northeast). “I encourage them to participate in the regional Facebook page sharing photos, stories and updates.”

Noble White has served as the Public Relations Chairman for the Melha Shriners in Agawam, Massachusetts, since 2010 and as an RMD since 2015.

A newly-updated toolkit includes tips on managing social media assets, proclamations, best practices from some of Shriners’ award-winning websites, email marketing and digital resources, and more.

“The new toolkit is fantastic,” said White. “Providing this toolkit brings the needed guidance and focus on the who, what, how and why without taking away local freedom to express temple identity in a positive and productive way. The toolkit is straightforward, thorough and easy to use. Temple marketing and communications team members can recognize quickly how to use the tools and make immediate changes. I anticipate that temples will find this resource extremely valuable.”

White’s goals include getting his entire region to concentrate on sharing photos, ideas and success stories in the group.

“It is invigorating to come up with the next big thing in marketing and communications, fundraising and membership development. But, until then, being able to learn and duplicate successful campaigns is a tremendous step forward in the future of the fraternity,” he said.

Fehl’s goal is “to get every marketing chairman/committee member and Divan member to attend the annual Membership and Marketing Conference.”

Having a stronger relationship with their RMD is still a concept temples are getting used to, but White said, “there is definitely a momentum towards this."