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Celebrating Three Years of Successful Education and Training for Shriners International and the Greater Masonic Community

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Increasing Knowledge and Improving Chapter Performance through the Shriners International Education Foundation

Established to support the educational mission of Shriners International, the Shriners International Education Foundation (SIEF) is dedicated to providing education, training and leadership development skills to members and others who share the mission and vision of Shriners International and its philanthropy, Shriners Children’s.

Adapting to an ever-changing world has proven challenging for many fraternal organizations. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic and at a time where most organizations retreated and cut their programs, Shriners International founded the SIEF Noble Academy to invest into the fraternity, and also to benefit the entire Masonic community as a whole.

Since then, the SIEF Noble Academy has served as the education center to equip aspiring and tenured leaders on best practices in running the operation of their Masonic organization, including membership, marketing, accounting and technology. The curriculum is intended to include all Shriners and members of the greater Masonic family, including both men and women with affiliated, appendant and allied bodies.

Through immersive virtual and in-person events, students have the opportunity to build knowledge in critical chapter operational areas and obtain practical skills that they can apply to real-world scenarios to advance their organization.

Educational Success: Virtual Events

SIEF introduced the first Noble Academy event in the fall of 2020 with the Membership and Marketing Conference and Masters Class.

Over the past three years, these educational events have continued to expand and improve, and we recently wrapped up our latest Membership and Marketing Virtual Event series in April. The event series was a huge success due to the ongoing collaboration between our Membership and Marketing teams, and their collective dedication to providing top-notch education to members of the fraternity and the entire Masonic community as a whole.

The Noble Academy continues to reach new heights in education as the foundation transcends borders and barriers to lead virtual training in our fraternity and the greater Masonic community. The event series has attracted speakers from Shriners International along with the best and brightest in the Masonic community, including leadership from the Scottish Rite, N.M.J.; Scottish Rite, S.J.; York Rite, DeMolay International; several Grand Lodges; and leading nonprofits/associations including American Mensa and Raybourn Group International.

Since the inception of the Noble Academy, our educational events have seen:

  • 7,700+ total attendance
  • 2,000+ students attending
  • 600+ students attending per virtual event
  • 40+ hours of content
  • 29 countries represented
  • 21 seminars
  • 14 appendant, allied and concordant bodies in attendance
  • 12 virtual events

In the spirit of expanding investment into Shriners International and the greater Masonic community, SIEF is excited to announce that the foundation will host several events at the upcoming Imperial Session in Charlotte, North Carolina, including the Membership Summit, Learning Center in the Marketplace’s Shriners Zone and Grand Masters Summit.

The establishment of the SIEF Noble Academy is yet another example of Shriners International investing both monies and staff resources to deliver a critical benefit to chapters, nobles and the greater masonic community.

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