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Noble Academy Offers Unprecedented Access to Thought Leaders

Large group of men and women with arms raised in the air

Shriners International Education Foundation’s (SIEF) Noble Academy attracts the best and brightest thought leaders to educate Shriners and the greater Masonic community.

Organizers of the 2023 Membership & Marketing Conference and 3rd Annual Membership & Marketing Virtual Event Series are thrilled to announce that speakers for the event will include senior representation from major Masonic Appendant Bodies, York Rite, Scottish Rite SJ, and Scottish Rite NMJ, along with several leading Grand Lodges and top trade associations to advance the vision of creating a vibrant community through collaboration in education.

The event is part of the Shriners International Education Foundation’s Noble Academy, which was launched in 2021 to create a collaborative learning environment for Shriners and Masons.

"Working and learning together as a Masonic community, we can succeed together," said Bryan Harrison, Chief Membership Officer at Shriners International. “While each Masonic organization is unique in its focus, we share similar challenges — and thus, opportunities — in how our chapters operate at a local level.”

Before the SIEF and its Noble Academy were created, the broader Masonic community was in need of a central hub to connect great people with great ideas. Expanding support in the area of education is a meaningful way to advance the Shriners fraternity and support the entire Masonic family, both men and women members from appendant, allied and affiliated bodies.

What makes SIEF such an excellent resource for nobles and others is its commitment to partnering with the best and brightest minds and their respective organizations and engaging them to serve as instructors, speakers and subject matter experts in areas of interest to our Nobles and the Masonic family.