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The First Shriners Hospital

First known photo of the first Shriners hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana

The oldest known photo of the first Shriners Hospital, Shreveport, Louisiana

This photo was donated to Shriners Children’s Shreveport, and is believed to date back to late 1922 or early 1923.

The hospital, located at the corner of Kings and Samford in Shreveport was dedicated on April 20, 1923. The event was celebrated by not only Shriners, but also the local community.

An editorial from the local paper stated, “The Shriners Hospital is truthfully known as this city’s greatest blessing, for there could be no nobler work than the succoring of the little innocents who have no way of helping themselves.”

The early hospital had a teacher on staff so that children could study while in the hospital. Church organizations, civic clubs and Shriners helped to entertain the children year round. The El Karubah Shriners band gave a concert at the hospital every Thursday night.