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Shriners Next Generation

Shriners Next Generation (#ShrinersNextGen) is a feature highlighting current and future fraternity leaders.

Meet some of the men who have decided to make a difference in the world! Through their good character, compassion, loyalty, fellowship and support of their brotherhood, these men are today's change makers. These are men who care. These are men who are committed to growth and improvement of themselves and their communities, who ultimately want to make the world a better place in which to live.

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Kristopher Torrey headshot Kristopher Torrey
Al Kader Shriners

After retiring in his mid-30s with careers in the military and law enforcement, Kristopher Torrey of Al Kader Shriners says being a Shriner has encouraged him to grow as a person and develop new skills in his roles as club secretary and a temple officer. He’s worked with multiple fundraisers within his temple and with children’s and veterans’ organizations. He loves the camaraderie the fraternity offers and feels incredibly proud to be a Shriner when approached by families thanking him and the fraternity for all they do in the community.

Jordan Crapser headshot Jordan Crapser
Tigris Shriners
Mission Analyst

Jordan Crapser of Tigris Shriners became a Mason at 18 and immediately became a Shriner. He serves on the Tigris Divan, working with committees involved with membership efforts and event planning. As a younger member of the Blue Lodge and Shriners International, he shares that while he’s learned a lot from experienced leaders of both organizations, he’s also been able to contribute his unique perspective and introduce new ideas. One of his goals is to encourage more men his age to become Shriners and be involved with the organization. Jordan values the supportive community that being a Shriner offers and the fraternity’s work in helping families through Shriners Children’s. He is a proud Shriners Legacy member with his father and brother.

Kenji Prince headshot Kenji Prince
Aladdin Shriners
Self Employed, Barber Shop Owner

Kenji Prince of Aladdin Shriners believes less in talking about the fraternity and more in showing the great works of the fraternity in his everyday life and leading by example. He’s achieved membership success by contacting new Master Masons and introducing the fun and fellowship of Shriners International through social events. Prince is active within his Lodge and other Masonic bodies and is a Shriners Legacy member with his father.

Diego Turcios headshotDiego Turcios
Anezeh Shriners
Devops Engineer

Noble Turcios is President of Shrine Club Honduras and an active member of Fraternidad Lodge #10 under the Grand Lodge of Honduras, where he is the Grand Assistant Secretary. In 2022, while coordinating the temple’s ceremonial, he visited lodges across the country and was able to sign 13 new members to the Honduras Shrine Club and convince several inactive nobles to become active within the fraternity again. Like many Shriners, he enjoys helping families access care through Shriners Children’s. Noble Turcios created a local structure to help families gather the documentation needed to request an appointment and has helped eight families travel to Shriners Children’s locations.

Patrick Frank headshotPatrick Frank
Kosair Shriners
Pitmaster Owner/Operator

Patrick Frank focused on becoming a Shriner while also pursuing membership in the Scottish Rite. As a father with a son who has a disability, he was interested in the fraternity’s mission of supporting Shriners Children’s and the families served through the specialty healthcare system. Since becoming a Shriner, he’s used his professional skills as a Pitmaster owner/operator to take on a leadership role for two Backyard BBQ competitions to support Kosair Shriners. As chairman, he coordinated event committees, built a social media presence, created sponsorship packages and recruited 23 teams from across the Midwest to compete in the event. Noble Frank is also president of the Kosair Funsters clown unit and hopes to expand his event planning skills as chairman of the Winter Wonderland event. These events are not only fundraisers; they also get the Shrine Center involved in the community and are a great way to introduce prospective members to the fraternity.

Luis Martinez headshotLuis Martinez
Abou Saad Shriners

While new to the fraternity, Noble Luis Martinez is already a member of the Abou Saad Shriners director’s staff and is looking to reactivate a musical unit and become part of other clubs and units within Abou Saad. He enjoys the camaraderie of the fraternity and the mission of helping families through Shriners Children’s.

Troy Thompson headshotTroy Thompson
Moslem Shriners
Rehab Technician

As a past Shriners Children’s patient, Noble Troy Thompson knew being a Shriner would be part of his life, so that he could help make a difference for more children and families. As a Shriner, he says “It’s important to be involved, show up and engage, to be able to make a difference.” Thompson is showing up and engaging to help the future of the fraternity by regularly speaking at local DeMolay, Jobs Daughters and Blue Lodge events about the mission of Shriners International. He also staffs an information booth at select Moslem Shriners events to introduce the fraternity to more men who may be interested in the fraternity. He often meets people with their own “Shriners Stories,” whether they knew of or were helped by a Shriner. It’s those stories that make him feel connected and proud to be a Shriner. Thompson is a member of the Ohio Shriners Children’s Board of Governors and is very active with Moslem Shriners and his Blue Lodge. He is also a member of Elf Khurafeh Shriners.

Chas Jordan headshotChas Jordan
Egypt Shriners

Chas Jordan knew he’d become a Shriner at a young age after seeing his grandfather active with Aladdin Shriners. Chas and his father became members of Egypt Shriners together, with his grandfather attending their ceremonial. “The Shrine has been a link that I will never disconnect with my family and it has strengthened the love we have as father and son.” An active Freemason and Shriner, Chas enjoys finding ways to connect. He revitalized the Young Egypt Shriners (YES) and Pinellas Shrine clubs and founded the Sons of Tenenet Taproom club, to encourage younger members to be active within the fraternity. The leadership experience he’s developed has directly impacted his career. "The skills needed to become noticed and then valued as a leader can be attributed to my time in the Lodge and in the Shrine,” Chas said.

Asheley Lybarger headshotAsheley Lybarger
Ainad Shriners
Assistant Manager

Asheley Lybarger joined Ainad Shriners in 2005 and joined the membership team, serving for 13 years, before becoming chairman in 2020. He shares that the Shrine Center has found membership engagement success through social media updates keeping nobility better informed, and by creating more family-friendly events to engage young families. The leadership skills gained through his involvement with Ainad Shriners have translated to helping him in his career. “I’ve learned how to better communicate with fellow employees,” he explained. “It has also helped me find creative ways to problem-solve in many situations.” Noble Lybarger was named Ainad Shriners’ Shriner of the Year in 2020. He was also part of the inaugural Shriners International Education Foundation (SIEF) Masters Class program and earned his certificate.

Jason Hinkle headshot Jason Hinkle
Beni Kedem Shriners
Senior Officer Specialist

Illustrious Sir Jason Hinkle (Beni Kedem Shriners) works as a senior officer specialist in his local Bureau of Prisons in his West Virginia hometown. With such an intense professional life, activity with the Shrine gives him a way to relax and have some fun. A Past Potentate from 2019, Illustrious Sir Hinkle is a past President of the Nicholas Shrine Club and also performs as “JBird” the clown. He has earned many awards for his fraternal service; not only as a Shriner, but also for service to the local DeMolay Chapter – earning the Zerubbabel Key for helping start up a local Chapter. Regular communication and membership engagement defines what he sees as the secret to organizational success.

Zakary Wyatt headshot Zakary Wyatt
Khiva Shriners

Using the moniker “Brother Fluff,” Noble Zakary Wyatt (Khiva Shriners - Amarillo, Texas) has built a significant social media presence with 60.1K followers on TikTok. He has been interviewed for various magazines and podcasts and has received floods of notes and calls for the spotlights he makes on the organizational tenets of Freemasonry. He credits his success to the constant mentorship from his Masonic brothers, who continue to whisper good counsel to assist him in his endeavors. Active in two Blue Lodges, the York Rite and the Grotto, Noble Wyatt also serves as the President of Khiva’s Karts Patrol, encouraging the fun, family atmosphere and an opportunity to positively influence his kids’ lives.

Curtis Green headshot Curtis Green
Morocco Shriners

Noble Curtis Green (Morocco Shriners) recruited 15 new members to his Shrine Club during the 2020 pandemic. He credits his success to constant communication through all the uncertainty. In addition to serving as a Club President, Noble Green also serves Morocco Shriners as its social media director and is on several committees within his Shrine Center and Lodge. Noble Green is used to adapting to an ever-changing environment as a correctional officer and has incorporated this philosophy into his fraternal operations, promoting community involvement and public service.

Frederick James headshot Frederick James
Boumi Shriners

New member engagement and flexible activities remain at the forefront for Noble Frederick James of Boumi Shriners. Noble James serves as the cellar master for the Shrine Center’s Brewers Club, Vice President for the Sportsman’s Clubs, and an appointed officer in his Masonic Lodge. Noble James works tirelessly to engage his fellow Masons, inviting them to club and unit events. Invitations to fraternity events and ongoing community service opportunities have proven successful for new member recruitment and engagement at Boumi.

Andrew AckerAndrew Acker
Zem Zem Shriners

A lawyer by profession, Noble Acker is a past president of the Mercer County Shrine Club and actively parades with the Drift Trikes Unit. His personal philosophy supports that all active Shriners should strive to serve on the Divan. He loves the fraternal brotherhood and enjoys activities with his Shrine family.

Carl IdlerCarl Idler
Syrian Shriners

Carl Idler (Syrian Shrine Cincinnati) has been around Shriners his entire life – his brother was a patient at Shriners Children's Lexington. The local Ivanhoe DeMolay Chapter provided him with leadership experience as a youth (Past Master Councilor, Chevalier). Since becoming a noble, he helped to create “the Ruffians” Shrine Club, promoting united events for Syrian Shriners and local Masons. Noble Idler currently serves as the Syrian Shriners Oriental Guide and devotes countless hours to increasing his own education and becoming a better Shrine Mason. He retains his Masonic membership with Delhi Hills Lodge #775, is a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason at the Valley of Cincinnati, and is a local DeMolay Advisor.

Carlos HerreraCarlos Herrera
Abou Saad Shriners
IT Solutions Director

Initiated into Freemasonry in 2006, Noble Carlos Herrera serves the Grand Lodge of Panama as Grand Master and concurrently as the Scottish Rite of Panama’s Sovereign Grand Inspector General (S.G.I.G.).

Through a record of dedicated service to the Craft, Noble Herrera cites his membership in Shriners International as helping build his character, strengthening his faith, and seeing the importance of taking positive action to benefit others. During the pandemic, he helped to develop new technology and procedures to support virtual operations, allowing local Masonic groups to continue their activities. In 2021, he coordinated the Abou Saad Run-Walk and is a founding member of the Fez Cigar and Pipe Unit. He further notes the importance of being active in the community as a way to strengthen the ties of brotherhood further.

Pier-Luc Doyon headshotYosvaldi Ferro
Abou Saad Shriners
Dock Manager

Yosvaldi Ferro is an outstanding member of the fraternal community! He has served the Grand Lodge of Cuba as Deputy Grand Master of the District for four years and his local Lodge in leadership roles for 17 years. His greatest pride is assisting his fellow Shriners in bringing support and hope to children needing medical care. He says visits to children's hospitals and clinics have been his best leadership experiences, and seeing the children strengthens his commitment to the Shriners fraternity and our philanthropy.

Pier-Luc Doyon headshotPier-Luc Doyon
WA WA Shriners
Web Content Developer

Entering his second year as the Worshipful Master of Doric-St. George Lodge No. 71 (Saskatchewan), Noble Pier-Luc Doyon concurrently serves as the President of the WA WA Shriners Gourmet Club. He credits his service throughout the Masonic fraternity with giving him the confidence to have conversations with others and having “a ton of fun.”

A legacy Shriner by marriage, Noble Don first became a Mason in 2012 and a WA WA Shriner in 2014. Enthusiastic in his approach, he is also a web content developer, using social media to help promote the fraternity throughout the community. The best part of being a Shriner? “Having a ton of fun with a great group of guys that I can call friends for life."

Cade Lowrance headshotCade Lowrance IV
Alhambra Shriners
Student, University of Georgia

A. D. “Cade” Lowrance, IV, is a student at the University of Georgia. He credits his desire to be a Shriner with experiences he first enjoyed at 13, assisting with his DeMolay International chapter at a local Shriners event. In his tenure, he has served in leadership positions at local, state and international levels for DeMolay, serving as the International Master Councilor in 2021-22. He now serves at Alhambra Shriners as Membership Chairman and has reorganized the membership team to include a subcommittee on retention.

Since joining Alhambra in 2021, he has been instrumental in the launch of three new units – a New Member Educational Unit, a Superhero Unit and a Social Unit, which is in the works. He is a member of Rossville Lodge #397 and is a proud Legacy Shriner.

Rodrick Brown, Jr. headshotRodrick Brown, Jr. 
Moslem Shriners
CEO Blue Leaf Community Healthcare Organization

Rodrick Brown, Jr. is active with his temple’s “Flying Carpets” Patrol Unit, serving as treasurer. He also serves as Junior Deacon of one of two Masonic Lodges to which he belongs in the Grand Lodge of Michigan, and is active with the Scottish and York Rites, Allied Masonic Degrees, OES, High Twelve and Grotto – and is an Advisor for Wayne DeMolay Chapter.

When asked about membership development, he says that being welcoming and visible is the key to recruiting new members, and that leaders should always be concerned with matters that impact their membership and personal life.

Lance White-MyersLance White-Meyers
Anezeh Shriners

Noble Lance White-Meyers is very active in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Self-identified as “a billboard” for Shriners in his area, Noble White-Meyers is working to officially organize a Shrine Club for their 27 active local members. In his time as a Shriner, he helped to revamp the Legion of Honor Unit to be attractive to a younger corps of members and has worked closely with the Transportation Unit, directly assisting with ten Shriners Children’s patients.

Noble White-Meyers speaks of his passion for serving others and states that being a Shriner has helped him find his place and better utilize his time to benefit others. He says his service has made him more caring and loving, and he wants to serve as a role model to those around him.

He became a Mason in Houston, Texas, in 2009 and joined the York Rite and Scottish Rite – where he was coroneted a 33rd Degree, Honorary Inspector General, in 2018. He became an Anezeh Shriner in 2018.

Wilheim Neiszer Giraud headshotWilheim Neiszer Giraud
Anezeh Shriners
CEO, Con tu Palabra

Meet Wilheim Neiszer Giraud, Potentate of Anezeh Shriners México and Grand Tall Cedar of Mexico Forest N.221. Neiszer has several positions in his Grand Lodge but is particularly proud of being an honorary member of the Grand Lodge of Paraguay and receiving six medals of Masonic merit by Blue Lodges in Mexico.

Having participated in Anezeh's membershp committee for four years, Wilheim believes the most important thing is to get involved with the candidates and have one-to-one discussions to better understand their needs.

Patrick Robin headshot

Patrick Robin
Medinah Shriners
Senior Collaboration Solutions Architect, Meridian IT

Patrick Robin has served Medinah Shriners (Addison, Illinois) as Director of Ceremonials for the past five years and as the Major of the Patrol Unit for three years. His fraternal service is not limited to Shriners; he is the Most Excellent Grand High Priest for the Illinois Grand Chapter RAM, a former Grand Steward for the Grand Lodge of Illinois, and an officer for the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago.

Noble Robin was named the Medinah Shriner of the Year in 2020. He credits the fellowship offered within the Masonic fraternity as making a tremendously positive impact on his life and on his family.

Anthony Ward headshot Anthony Ward
Emirat Shriners
Manager, Material Planning and Logistics, Mann+Hummel

Anthony Ward of Emirat Shriners (Heidelberg, Germany) is active within the Shriners fraternity and Luftbrücke Lodge, where he is a Past Master. Noble Ward finds that education is key to recruitment. Each month he and fellow nobles travel to districts and Grand Lodges to speak about Emirat Shriners.

Being in Europe provides the unique opportunity to travel to different countries to meet fellow Shriners and Freemasons and experience different cultures.

Ryan Otis headshot Ryan Otis
Anah Shriners
Manager, Rollie's

Meet Ryan Otis of Anah Shrine. Leadership skills he developed through Shriners International membership seminars, leadership training, and athletic committee meetings have provided Ryan with the tools he needs to be a leader within his Shrine Center and in business. His technique for new member recruitment is to pay it forward by paying the application fees for the new members he sponsors.

Ryan comes from a long line of Shriners, including his grandfather, father, great uncle, brother and cousin.

Kevin Jackson headshot Kevin Jackson
Moolah Shriners
Manager, Windstream Corporation

Kevin Jackson is president of Joachim Shrine Club and Moolah Temple Aide. Noble Kevin devoted time and effort to revitalizing the Joachim Shrine Club to a successful comeback. Kevin is also a proud Legacy member.

Some of the ways he approaches recruiting new members includes face-to-face discussions around involvement, social media engagement, and raising awareness of Shriners Clubs and Units.

Chris Hall headshot Chris Hall
Oasis Shriners
Project Manager, Gaston County Schools

Chris Hall of Oasis Shriners (Charlotte, NC) is a proud Legacy member and 4th generation Master Mason. He was actively involved with the charter of Oasis Young Shriners Club and helped organize the Oasis Cigar Club and Oasis Brewmasters Club. He also helped re-establish top-line signer awards and incentives, and created the chapter’s Blue Lodge Ambassador program.

Adapting to current communications channels, Noble Hall established Oasis’s first social media presence, pushed for overhaul of their website and created and managed the group’s first mobile app.

Jody Meguiar headshot R.J. "Jody" Meguiar
Egypt Shriners
Fraternal Information & Application Support, Shriners International

Jody Meguiar is president of the Egypt Shriners (Tampa, FL) DeMolay Unit and concurrently serves as the Worshipful Master of Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 F & AM in Tampa. Jody's appointments do not stop there. He is a past president of the Tampa Scottish Rite Club; the current executive officer of Florida DeMolay; president/CEO of the Florida State DeMolay Association, Inc., and president of the Florida Educational Foundation, Inc., which provides scholarships to Masonic youth members attending college. He is also in his 5th term as the state chairman of the Grand Lodge of Florida's Masonic Youth Activities.

A proud Legacy member, his leadership roles have helped him develop an appreciation for the generations of men who laid the foundation for the fraternity we have today.

Timothy McKiernan headshot Timothy McKiernan
Syria Shriners
Master Automotive Technician, South Park Mitsubishi

Timothy McKiernan is a proud third-generation Mason and Shriners Legacy member. He enjoys being able to give back to his community and support children and families at Shriners Children’s through being a Shriner. Noble Tim and fellow Shriners are creating a Cigar Club and Tap Room to foster more social opportunities within Syria Shriners.

He believes mentoring new Shriners is key to engaging them in fraternity activities and membership retention.

Robert Murphy headshot Robert Murphy
Medinah Shriners
Fire Lieutenant, Oak Park Fire Department

Robert Murphy of Medinah Shriners is the fire chief of the Medinah Fire Unit. The membership of the unit is primarily made up of Shriners with fire, public safety and/or medical background or training. Throughout his years of service, he has met many great men who have been a positive influence in his life. By fostering, building and strengthening those bonds and friendships, he has been able to take the best qualities from each and apply them to his day-to-day work environment. Some of those qualities include patience, understanding, compromising and listening.

Along with being the current president of the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps. (GLASMC), he takes great pride in being a Legacy member.

Christopher Hathaway headshot Christopher Hathaway
Mohammed Shriners
Business Analyst

Having held various positions within Mohammed Shriners and his lodge, Christopher Hathaway continues building his leadership skills by helping bring new ideas to his Shrine Club.

Christopher finds organizing events and raising money rewarding and fulfilling. His latest idea is to organize craft brew, whiskey and wine tours for members.

Andrew Roberts headshot Andrew Roberts
Kalurah Shriners
Social Studies Department Chair/United States History & Government Teacher

Andrew Roberts takes pride in being a young leader with Kalurah Shriners and his lodge. His connection to Freemasonry is strong: he’s active with DeMolay; he’s a 4th generation Mason and a Shriners Legacy member.

He says the leadership experience gained through these Masonic organizations has given him confidence and assisted him both personally and professionally.

Joseph Stabb headshot Joseph Stabb
Tigris and Kerbela Shriners
Assistant Professor of Practice for University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Joseph Stabb, of Tigris Shriners and Kerbela Shriners of Knoxville, has held several leadership roles within his lodge and with Tigris Shriners. He feels the best part of being a Shriner is the fellowship, which is reflected in his efforts with events such as a clam bake, family picnic, and drive-in Bingo.

Stabb is a proud Shriners Legacy member with his great uncle.

Rick Reyes headshot Rick Reyes
Alzafar Shriners
Financial Planner for Edward Jones

Rick Reyes is Assistant Rabban of Alzafar Shriners and Director of the Alzafar Laredo Golf Tournament. His involvement with events highlights the fun and fellowship aspect of membership of the Shriners fraternity and helps bring in new members.

Rick is a fourth-generation Shriner and has held several leadership positions, including past president of the Alzafar Motor Club, past president of Camp Alzafar, and race director of Alzafar 5k/10k race.

Trent Vukodinovich headshot Trent Vukodinovich
Tripoli Shriners
Surgical Technologist Lead for Advocate Aurora Health

Trent, of Tripoli Shriners, is the president of the Tri-County Shrine Club and Worshipful Master of his Lodge. In 2019, Trent assisted the Tri-County Shrine Club to win the temple membership award for being the unit/club to bring the most members to the Tripoli Shriners. Noble Trent takes every opportunity to participate at various appendant bodies events and engages with all new Masons while inviting them as a guest to the Shrine Center or club.

Trent's early involvement as a Shrine club leader has inspired him to become more involved with temple activities and he now has a desire to join the Tripoli Shriners’ leadership team.

Eric Willson headshot Eric Willson
Za-Ga-Zig Shriners
Detention Officer for Polk County Sheriff's Office

Eric, of Za-Ga-Zig Shriners and secretary of Krome Nobles Club, will soon celebrate 25 years of Shriners membership. Noble Willson is also a member of the Scottish Rite. A Shriners legacy member, he and his father started the Krome Noble Club for those interested in motorcycles, to offer more fun and fellowship.

Eric shares his personal experience with Shriners Children’s to show the importance of the fraternity’s work supporting the specialty healthcare system.

Daniel Velazquez headshot Daniel Velazquez
Anezeh Shriners
Software Developer for AgileThought

Daniel is Oriental Guide of the Anezeh Shriners and chairman of the Grand Chancellery of his Grand Lodge. He is eager to share the history, evolution and philanthropic efforts of our fraternity to all good men, not just Master Masons. He has successfully organized cigar and wine tastings at his regional club to benefit the fundraising efforts.

Daniel is a member of York Rite and has served as secretary, treasurer, senior warden and Worshipful Master at his Grand Lodge. He appreciates the support and encouragement of fellow Masons and Shriners to take on leadership roles in his Lodge and Shrine Center.

Andres Hernandez headshot Andres Hernandez
Anezeh Shriners
Consultant for Soeli Consulting, S.C.

Andres is treasurer of Anezeh Shriners and president of the Midas Shrine Club. He served as chairman of the Anezeh Shriners golf tournament for four years, an event that benefits Shriners Hospitals for Children — Mexico. His involvement in other events, such as poker and domino tournaments, has inspired other young men to become Shriners.

Noble Hernadez may look familiar. He appeared with a Shriners Children’s patient in a donor relations campaign for the healthcare system.

Ty Stout headshot Ty Stout
Zenobia Shriners
Heavy Equipment Operator for City of Fremont

Ty is Chief Rabban at Zenobia Shriners in Ohio and has served as both president and treasurer of the Fremont Shrine Club. In 2020, he spearheaded the creation of Zenobia Pitmasters, a unit made up of new and experienced Shriners with a passion for grilling. For many in the Pitmasters was the first unit they joined.

Ty is a member of the Scottish Rite and is a Shriners Legacy member with his father, grandfather, and uncle.

Jose Alfonso Aguilar Calderon headshot José Alfonso Aguilar, Ph.D.
Al Atfal Shriners
Research-Professor, PhD for Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa

José, of Al Atfal Shriners (UD) in Culiacán, Mexico, is an up-and-coming leader in his local Shrine Center. He has coordinated ceremonials, promoted Shriners’ events to local media, and is active in building his chapter’s membership. He has also helped more than 20 children access specialized care through Shriners Children’s.

In addition to his leadership role in Al Atfal Shriners, José is president of Club Shriner de Mazatlan and Senior Grand Warden in the Grand Lodge of Sinola.

Kenneth Harper headshot Kenneth Harper
Syrian Shriners
Sales Rep for Ohio Lottery

Kenneth, treasurer and Past Potentate of Syrian Shriners (Cincinnati), is the recipient of the Melish award in recognition of his membership recruitment efforts. He is the founder of the Ruffians, a club of Shriners ages 45 and younger, created to help candidates get through degree work, take the next step to become Shriners, and have fun.

Always looking to share his enthusiasm for Freemasonry and being a Shriner, he often brings fellow Masons to Shriner events. He is also the administrator of his temple’s Facebook page. He is a Shriners Legacy member with his father, grandfather and uncle.

Luis Fernando Alvarado headshotLuis Fernando Alvarado
Anezeh Shriners
Customer Service Manager for Ferreteria los Pasoa

Luis, 33º of Anezeh Shriners in Mexico, is very passionate about the work Shriners do. Not only has he recruited 10 other Masons to follow him into Shriners International, he made it his mission to revive the Honduras Shrine Club started by his godfather in the 1980s. Luis is now president of the club.

In 2019 he was honored Outstanding Noble by Anezeh Shriners and is currently the Worshipful Master of the Progreso 12 Lodge of AF & AM in Honduras.

Casey Flinn headshot Casey Flinn
Isis Shriners
Retired Military / Isis Shrine Business Manager

Casey, Recorder, Isis Shriners, is dedicated to building fraternity membership. He often travels to Blue Lodges to speak about Shrine membership and uses social media to reach out to non-Masons to promote Freemasonry and Shriners International. Casey recently completed his apprentice certificate in the Membership and Marketing educational series.

A retired member of the military, Noble Flinn is also a member of the Legion of Honor.

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