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An Anniversary Fraternal Membership Directory

Celebrating 150 Years of Fun, Fellowship, Compassion and Generosity 

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The Shriners fraternity will celebrate 150 years of brotherhood, service to others and camaraderie in 2022. To honor and recognize this tremendous milestone, the storied history of our great fraternity and the commitment and dedication of our nobles, Shriners International is creating a special 150th Anniversary Edition Fraternal Membership Directory.

This very special keepsake volume will include sections on our 150-year history and achievements, temple activities and accomplishments, and listings of individual temples and nobles. When Walter Fleming, M.D., and Billy Florence founded our fraternity in 1872, they intended to create a Masonic fraternity focused on fun and fellowship. 

Today, they would be amazed and proud of what that fraternity has become – and what it means to people throughout the world. Shriners have successfully blended fun, fellowship, brotherhood, compassion and generosity into an organization that attracts men from all walks of life, and gives them the opportunity to become better, stronger individuals who truly make a difference in their communities and in the world. These are among the many things we will honor and acknowledge in this special volume and throughout our 150th anniversary year. 

To create this commemorative edition we will work with PCI, an experienced and reputable publisher. In addition to honoring our history, traditions, and accomplishments, the volume will include a section where temples, clubs and units will have the opportunity to provide interesting, quality photos with appropriate captions and a section for individual pictures of nobles, with a brief narrative.

There will also be a section listing nobles by location. While the name and temple of every Shriner will be listed, other specific member information, such as individual addresses and phone numbers, will not be shown without permission. Nobles may provide verification of member data and/or may also opt out of being listed by contacting PCI. The membership directory will be available in print and electronic formats. 

A percentage of the proceeds generated by this project will be provided to Shriners International, and used to enhance our programs. We are truly excited to be able to offer what will be a unique and valuable item. The first step in this project is mailing postcards to individual nobles requesting verification of member information on file with Shriners International. Please be sure to call the toll-free number on the card, which you should receive via the postal service in the second week of November.

Additional information about this commemorative membership directory will be available on both Shriners Village and the Shriners International website. We hope that you join us in celebrating all that our fraternity and individual nobles mean to us, and all that we have accomplished together over the past amazing 150 years.

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Important Points to Remember Regarding the Membership Directory:

  • We strongly encourage Shriners to contact PCI to verify their member information.
  • The directory will list every Shriner and their temple affiliation.
  • With, and only with the permission of a Shriner, will member information, such as a personal address or phone number, be included in the directory.
  • Any Shriner can exclude himself from the directory by contacting PCI.