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Kosair for Kids Shriner Leaders Conference (Assistant Rabban)

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For over three decades, Shriners International has hosted educational conference for the Temple’s elected officers. Over these many years much has changed about the conferences, including the addition of a complete ladies education component, but the one thing that has remained constant is the excellent level of instruction provided, as evidenced by the positive evaluations received from the attendees. While the conferences have always contained a leadership module, this area has been expanded to be particularly beneficial to our Fraternity and it’s leadership. The design and purpose of these conferences is to provide the knowledge and tools needed to successfully lead as a member of the Temple Board of Directors and in preparation for ascending to the office of Temple Potentate.

As evidenced by the titles, these conferences are offered for the first time to any Noble who has attained the office of Oriental Guide or higher and then again, with added topics and deeper instruction on some key repeat topics, to those Nobles who have attained the office of Assistant Rabban or higher.

The Board of Directors of Shriners International believes that it is the responsibility of Shriners International to provide the best possible training and education for our temple officers. In fact, this training has been deemed so important that we have recently been awarded grants from Kosair for Kids, which has funded a substantial portion of the Assistant Rabban Conference.

*Kosair for Kids Shriner Leaders Conference
*formerly known as the Assistant Rabban Leadership Conference 

Dress: The dress for the seminar will be business casual for both men and ladies. Please note: with Fez for men.

Questions: Please contact Chris Harrison.

*These are the actual dates in which classes and workshops will be held. If at all possible, arrival should be planned for the day prior with departure the day following the dates noted above.