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Membership & Marketing Virtual Event #1

Join more than 800 students (nobles, members of the Masonic family including both men and women from appendant, allied and affiliated bodies) representing approximately 200 temples and organizations. Engage with your colleagues and learn best practices from our speakers and each other.

Attendance is required at all four (4) to achieve an Apprentice Certificate. These virtual events series will be held from 1–3 p.m., Eastern Time, and will be recorded. If you cannot attend during this time, you must watch all recordings by Friday, June 14, 2024 to receive credit for an Apprentice Certificate.

Featured Speakers

doctor menshew

Dr. Dave Menshew, Aahmes Shriners

Dr. Dave Menshew, Aahmes Shriners

Description: This session will tell the story of a successful Shrine Club mobile unit that has grown from non-active to a group of highly effective and engaged ambassadors for the Shriner's mission.

  • Objective #1– Learners will understand how to form and grow a mobile unit
  • Objective #2 – Learners will understand the power a mobile unit has to engage and recruit club members
  • Objective #3 – Learners will understand how to use a mobile unit to promote philanthropy efforts

Dr. Dave Menshew was born and raised in California’s great Central Valley. Growing up, he took the family lawnmower and knocked on doors to make extra money. By 19, he was the buyer for a local industry supply firm and used that training when he purchased a retail store franchise, and was the first to take his store to over a million dollars in sales. He developed his own chain of stores, eventually topping several million dollars a year in combined sales.

After volunteering at a local juvenile hall, he was inspired to sell his stores and become a teacher. Over the next several decades, he attained seven teaching authorizations and five college degrees. He used his training to start a biotechnology program in his school district, and his efforts were honored with numerous awards, local press and television coverage. His papers have been published in journals and periodicals, and he has spoken at local, national and international conferences.

Dr. Menshew’s path to Masonry began when he observed that all Masons he knew were the kind of man he wanted to be. He was raised in 1990 and became a Shriner that same year. He is the ambassador, secretary and mobile unit member of the Modesto Shrine Club of Aahmes Shriners in Livermore, California. He is an also an officer of the Stockton Valley Scottish Rite Masons and was their Mason of the year in 2023.

Jordan and Veronica headshots

Veronica Ambuehl and Jordan Longhi, BAM Marketing

Marketing Plans and Best Practices

Veronica Ambuehl, VP & Director of Client Services | BAM Marketing

As the director of client services, Veronica oversees strategy for all clients across a broad spectrum of industry verticals. Veronica and the BAM team are experts at crafting right messaging for distribution across the right platforms to the right audiences, in the right timing. Her 30+ years of experience in advertising and marketing supports how having a strategy and communicating it effectively is key to helping clients meet their goals. Her areas of expertise span everything from strategy development to creative project oversight down to managing the fine details of video production. Her personal motivation for charitable causes, nonprofit organizations and community often results in event planning in her spare time. Before joining BAM in 2018, Veronica spent nearly 20 years working for an advertising agency on a telecom brand, but it is her love for small business and community that brought her to BAM.

Jordan Longhi, VP & Director of Digital Marketing | BAM Marketing

Jordan leads the digital marketing team to provide vision, strategy execution and optimization to create successful digital campaigns. On a day-to-day basis, he monitors various online platforms to make sure advertisements and social media tactics are performing as expected while proactively presenting new opportunities to our clients, helping to optimize their digital efforts. Jordan enjoys the diversity of BAM’s clients and getting to see many different industry verticals in action. Prior to joining BAM in 2014, he worked for Stifel, an investment banking firm, improving their trading systems for over 2,000 advisors. Jordan enjoys the digital strategy aspect of marketing because it is always evolving. Each day, he researches new strategies, new social media tactics and the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

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