Membership & Marketing Education Track

Noble Academy Membership and Marketing Conference and Masters Class

Shriners International Education Foundation (SIEF) Noble Academy announced the first Membership and Marketing Conference and Masters Class in the fall of 2020. Students have the option to enroll in one of three certificate programs, each representing a different learning level, allowing students to select the learning path that corresponds with their level of experience. The next Membership and Marketing Conference and Masters Class will launch in early 2022.

  • Strategic Learning Path: Students obtain a Masters Class Certificate upon completion of four virtual events and one in-person conference.
  • Applied Learning Path: Students obtain a Fellow Certificate upon completion of a three-day in-person conference.
  • Introductory Learning Path: Students obtain an Apprentice Certificate upon completion of four virtual events

High Quality Education

Students will gain knowledge and skills needed to implement change and growth at their organization that will lead to long-term overall improvement in the areas of membership (recruitment, retention and engagement) and marketing and communications. The courses span three learning levels: introductory, applied and strategic. Each level is recognized with a certificate.


Upon completion of the required education for each learning path, the student will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement at either an Apprentice, Fellow or Masters Class level.


At virtual events and the in-person conference, students will have the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with their peers from Shriners International and other Masonic family organizations. As we work together for a common cause, our organizations will also benefit from this important collaboration and community building. 

Masters Class Level Benefits

Students who complete all virtual seminars and the in-person conference will receive SIEF’s Noble Academy highest recognition for membership and marketing, digital recognition badge, an invite-only reception at the in-person conference, a recognition certificate and exclusive access to a Masters-Class only private social media group.

Virtual Seminar Video

At the first ever SIEF Noble Academy membership and marketing virtual seminar, Executive Director of the Scottish Rite NMJ, Noble Michael Russell spoke on developing the first steps to prepare your team and your culture to properly receive prospects. Watch a clip from his presentation.

Michael Russell

Michael Russell talks about the Scottish Rite.
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It is proven time and time again if you don't ask the question the answer is no meaning if you never ask your best friend to come to your next fun outing he will never be on the inside but always on the outside looking in so you now yes you take your phone out take it out of your pocket go ahead i'll wait now go through your contacts in your phone and write down every non-freemason member that is on a worksheet for you now don't just write the name down of people you think might join but write the name of guys down that you think are eligible to join okay now take those names and numbers and send them a quick message about your next event don't just invite them to a meeting invite them to an event something fun it could be something like hey man just wanted to invite you to the family picnic coming up or our zoom trivia session that were happening this week can you make it be specific with the day and time and location do not invite them to an event happening today or the next hour you're going to expect a lot of no's and you'll be okay i promise you could expect a few yeses but you have to embrace those no's that's naturally part of the process of normal everyday business as billionaire mark cuban put it every no gets closer to a yes and if you get eight percent of those 12 you just brought in one new member or that person to your event.

Advance, Improve & Expand

In-Person Membership & Marketing Events

Plans are underway for the immersive in-person 2022 Membership and Marketing Conference. Be on the lookout for more details on the location and dates in the coming weeks.

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Virtual Membership & Marketing Events

The Noble Academy is hosting a series of virtual events on the topics of membership and marketing. The next series is due to launch in January 2022. Enrollment will be opening in the next few weeks.

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Leadership Education Track

The Shriners International Education Foundation (SIEF) Noble Academy Leadership program is designed to equip aspiring leaders with the introductory tools needed to become more effective at managing chapter operations as they pursue a path toward positions of increased organizational responsibility.

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Technology Education Track

The Shriners International Education Foundation (SIEF) Noble Academy Technology program educates Shriners and members of Masonic family organizations on critical software programs to help their chapter succeed, including membership management systems, database systems, customer relationship management and learning management systems.

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Accounting Education Track

The Shriners International Education Foundation (SIEF) Noble Academy Accounting program is structured to educate students on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and best practices that Shriners and members of Masonic family organizations can apply to their fraternal business practices. 

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Enhance your knowledge on the subjects of membership and marketing