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Midian Shrine Shrine Center was established in 1909. We are located in Kansas, with Wichita being the headquarters for our Shrine Center. Our membership in 2021 is about 1260. We have about 40 Units and Clubs. Our geographical area covers a large area from the eastern Colorado border to the eastern edge of Greenwood County, and from a line of the northern border of Harvey County to the Northern border of Oklahoma. Our Mosque is currently located at 130 N. Topeka, Wichita Kansas. Built in 1971, it is a two story building with approximately 31,000 square feet.

Our Membership continues to be the strength of our Shrine Center. We have a strong core of Nobles that work together to make our Shrine Center successful. Fundraising is key to sustaining our Mosque and all the fun activities that we enjoy every year. Our members and their Ladies always join together to accomplish our fundraising goals. Fun, Fellowship and the support of our Shiners Hospitals for Children shall ever remain paramount for Midian Shriners.

Clubs and Units:

  • Antique Autos
  • Arab Patrol
  • Directors Staff
  • Electraglide Elite
  • Humidor Hounds
  • Keystone Kops
  • Motor Patrol
  • Greenwood County
  • Harper County
  • Reno County

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