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Maskat Shrine Center took its name from a seaport on the Gulf of Oman. It was granted dispensation to organize on June 22, 1920. Our charter was granted on June 16, 2021. Walter Cline served as Potentate both years. Illustrious Sir Cline would later serve as our only Imperial Officer, rising to Imperial Potentate in 1939-40.

The creation of Maskat Shrine is remembered as a wonderful event for our city. In August 1920, the first Ceremonial for new Shriners was held, and every business in the town displayed some type of Shrine Emblem. Imperial Potentate Ellis Garretson from Affifi Shrine in Tacoma, Washington was present, as well as Governor Will Hobby of Ben Hur Shrine Center in Austin. Many Shriners from Dallas (Hella), Fort Worth (Moslah) and Austin (Ben Hur) attended.

Since its creation, Maskat Shrine has contributed to our fraternity, philanthropy and to our city. With a membership of approximately 335, Maskat is considered small when compared to the other 12 Texas Shrine Centers. However, it's hard-working membership has earned the respect of the larger organizations. Our Shrine brethren across the state know that when Maskat is involved, the work gets done.

The City of Wichita Falls and surrounding communities have benefitted from our membership. Shriners have served as mayor, city council members, Rotary and other service organization officers and school administrators. Others have served on hospital boards and even the United States Senate.

The Oil Bowl Football Classic was started by Shriners in 1938. It is the longest running high school tournament in the country. It continues to be one of the highlights of Maskat's activities each year. Over the years, this has been an inspiring, challenging and rewarding experience for Maskat Shriners. Our deceased leaders and members plotted an ambitious course for those of us to follow.

Maskat Shrine sends patients from 18 counties in North Texas to Shriners Hospital for Children, which provides much needed burn and orthopedic care to children up to 18 years old. Maskat helps provide transportation for the patients and their families, as well as lodging and meals while receiving this high level of treatment. This is the life-blood of Maskat Shrine Center and the purpose for our existence, helping children to receive the treatment needed to heal and improve their lives.

Clubs and Units:

  • Provost Guard
  • Cooking Unit
  • Golf Unit
  • Clown Unit