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It all started in 1953 when the first Shrine Club was established in Heidelberg, Germany. Since then a number of Freemasons from Europe and also from the Near East were initiated as Shriners. In 2011 Shriners International handed over the certificate to the newly founded and first Shrine Center in Europe with the name, "Emirat". European Shriners have set themselves the task of using the funds to help seriously ill children by facilitating the transport from Europe & Middle East to the Shriner Hospitals for Children locations in North America. There they are treated regardless of the families ability to pay. The child always with a companion from the family, their accommodation and food is also provided. Since their inception, Shriners active in Europe have already transported more than 100 children.


  • Alasia Shrine Club Cyprus
  • Bavaria Shrine Club Germany
  • Hellenic Shrine Club Greece
  • Istanbul Shrine Club Turkey
  • Keys to the North West Germany
  • NISO (Northern Italy Shrine Club Italy
  • Rhine Land Shrine Club Germany
  • Roma Shrine Club Italy
  • Romania Shrine Club Romania
  • Sicilia Shrine Club Sicily
  • Stuttgart Shrine Club Germany
  • Switzerland Shrine Club Switzerland


  • Clown Unit
  • Emirat Shrine Legion of Honor
  • Golf Unit
  • Loyal Order of the Water Buffaloes 
  • Motor Cycle Unit
  • Turtle Unit

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