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El Hasa Shriners, founded on March 03, 2006, is situated in Northeastern Kentucky located in the city of Ashland, Kentucky. El Hasa Shrine opens the door of opportunity to experience a wonderful world of fun activities. Through involvement with the Shrine family, you have the opportunity to meet many friends, participate in a unit or club, pursue leadership opportunities and be involved in social and civic events in your community as a Shrine Mason.

In the latter part of the year 1905, a small group of York Rite and Scottish Rite Masons conceived the idea of forming a Shrine Shrine Center in Ashland, Kentucky as the nearest Shrine Centers were located at Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Charleston, and Chattanooga, thus leaving an immense territory for wonderful Shrine possibilities. Unoccupied, this group of men, composed of seventeen Shriners representing membership in five different Shrine Centers, banded together in an organization known as the Henry Clay Club.

After working among the Nobility in this section for a time, an application signed by eighty-three Nobles was made to Kosair Shrine Center, Louisville, KY, the only Shrine Center then in the state, asking their consent to a dispensation for a Shrine Center at Ashland, to be known as El Hasa Shrine Center, A.A.O.N.M.S., and after considering the matter the Mother Shrine Center voted unanimously to approve the petition. The petition was forwarded to Illustrious Noble Henry A. Collins of Rameses Shrine Center, Toronto, Canada, who was Imperial Potentate at that time, and after due consideration he issued a Dispensation to El Hasa Shrine Center, dated March 3, 1906.

The first meeting of the Shrine Center under the dispensation was held on March 24, 1906. At the time, Noble William B. Trumbo, Jr., Potentate of Kosair Shrine Center, Louisville, KY, presented the communication from the Imperial Potentate granting dispensation for El Hasa Shrine Center from the Imperial Council. Noble Trumbo also regularly installed the first officers of the Shrine Center at this time, the first Potentate being A.N. Richardson, and the first Recorder being Noble John S. Hager. At the thirty-second Annual Session of the Imperial Council held in Chicago, convening June 12, 1906, a Charter was granted to El Hasa Shrine Center, A.A.O.N.M.S., the Charter being dated March 3, 1906, the same as the Dispensation, and signed by Imperial Potentate Alvah P. Clayton.

The first meeting of the Shrine Center under the Charter was held on August 15, 1906, at which time Noble William B. Trumbo, Jr., Potentate of Kosair Shrine Center was again present, and instituted El Hasa Shrine Center, A.A.O.N.M.S., and regularly its Officers under a commission from the Imperial Potentate. It was noted that the Shrine Center had ninety-one Charter members.

In selecting a name for the Shrine Center, a committee of three was appointed for this purpose, composed of Nobles D.J. Taft, Frank R. Henderson, and Jesse W. Craig. After some thoughtful consideration; the name El Hasa presented by Noble Craig, was selected. The name of El Hasa as recommended by the committee was then unanimously adopted by the Nobility. The word El Hasa is Persian, and signifies a fertile valley or adjacent to the mouth of a river, and near the mouth of the Big Sandy River, the committee considered the name El Hasa very appropriate for this Shrine Center.

The Shrine Hospitals for Children in Dayton, OH and Lexington, KY are two facilities that El Hasa Shrine support and raise awareness for our philanthropic mission. The Shrine Hospitals system makes a huge impact upon the lives of the children that we treat and care for at our 22 facilities. We should be proud to wear the red fez and to acknowledge that we are Shrine Masons with a significant purpose in support of “the World’s Greatest Philanthropy.”

The family of El Hasa Shriners offers the beginning of what promises to be an exciting part with the opportunity to experience some facet of fun with our program of events. The opportunity is up for the El Hasa Shriners to decide what you want to do with a vast array of wholesome activities. During the existence of El Hasa Shriners, we are indebted to our Past Potentates and their colleagues for their wisdom and labor, for it is by their efforts that El Hasa Shriners was brought into being and has maintained such a high sphere in Shrinedom. We have learned from our glorious past, strived to live in the present and focused on a better and promising future.

Clubs and Units:

  • Big Sandy Shrine Club
  • Carter County Shrine Club
  • Elkhorn Shrine Club
  • Elliot County Shrine Club
  • Four Star Shrine Club
  • Greenup County Shrine Club
  • Jenny Wiley Shrine Club
  • Knott County Shrine Club
  • Magoffin County Shrine Club
  • Martin County Shrine Club
  • Morehead Shrine Club
  • Morgan County Shrine Club
  • Pike County Shrine Club
  • Southern Ohio Shrine Club
  • Whitewater Shrine Club
  • A-Team
  • Clown Unit
  • Director’s Staff
  • Hillbilly Unit
  • Legion of Honor
  • Motor Corps
  • Motorcycle Unit
  • Oriental Band
  • Patrol Unit
  • Ritual Unit
  • Uniformed Unit

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