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Boumi was founded on April 28, 1884. There was a total of 7 charter members. At the first meeting, after the officers were elected and appointed, the name of the Shrine Center was selected. The name decided on was Boumi, which is Arabic for Owl, and the owl became the symbol of Boumi Shrine Center. On June 7, a Saturday, Nobles from LuLu Shrine in Philadelphia came to Baltimore in full regalia to do a ceremonial and grand opening. Boumi Shrine Center grew and started to flourish. The mission of Boumi Shrine Center when it was founded was to have a place in Baltimore where Masons could go to play.

Clubs and Units:

  • Big Rigs
  • Brass Band
  • Camel Wheels
  • Clowns
  • Color Guard
  • Legion of Honor
  • Magic Carpets
  • Motor Corps
  • Provost Guard
  • Shepherds

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