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We are a social assistance institution focused on fun and brotherhood. The ancient Arab Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine was founded on September 26, 1872, Abou Saad in a word of Arab origin meaning good luck the same as for 100 years has been offered to a hundred Panamanian children, who without distinction by their place of origin, social class, sex or religion, have benefited from the health program of Shriners Hospitals for Children, in North America, The Shriners of Abou Saad are established in the Republic of Panama as a philanthropic entity in 1918, 100 years ago and since then we have worked to improve the quality of life of children with orthopedic problems, spine, cerebral palsy, diseases in the bones, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, as well as cases of scoliosis and severe burns.

Clubs and Units:

  • El Salvador Shriners Club
  • Costa Rica Shriners Club
  • Bogota Shriners Club
  • Bucaramanga Shriners Club
  • Chiriqui Club
  • Venezuela Shriners Club
  • Peru Shriners Club
  • Guayaquil Shriners Club
  • Quito Shriners Club
  • Paraguay Shriners Club 
  • Motor Patrol
  • Fez Club
  • Kitchen Crew
  • Clown Unit
  • Director Staff
  • Cigar Club
  • Ritualistic Divan
  • Oriental Band

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