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First Lady Patsy Cain

Patsy CainA native and lifelong resident of Nashville, Tennessee, Patsy Cain is a true Southerner – complete with the distinctive accent, charm, graciousness and independent spirit that is often found in the people of the region.

The youngest of four children, Patsy laughingly says she was “the spoiled rotten baby” of the family. That may be, but she also learned the importance and value of hard work early in life, and that trait has served her well. Her father was a warehouse manager for Bi-Rite Foods in Nashville for 30 years, and her mother worked at a dry cleaners.

While in high school, Patsy met the man who would quickly become the love of her life, Jim Cain, at a Teen Town dance. She was 15; he was 16. Within two years, they were married and settled down to build a life together. The couple celebrated 50 incredible years together in August of 2017.

Once they were married, Patsy went straight to work as a switchboard operator for an insurance company. Later, Patsy worked for various trucking companies for 25 years, and for the Internal Revenue Service for 20 years. When her two children – Janice and Jim Jr. were born she took time off to be home to care for and enjoy them, and later, to babysit her grandchildren, Oakley and Paxton. The grandchildren are now 19 and 24. The entire Cain family lives in the Nashville area, and enjoys spending time together.

Following the example of her parents, Patsy’s life is centered on work and family. Through her in-laws, Jim’s parents, Patsy became very aware of the needs of people living with long-term orthopaedic conditions. Both of Jim’s parents had polio, and Patsy saw firsthand the challenges the family faced, and managed, with ingenuity and grace every day.

As First Lady of Shriners International, Patsy has chosen to support the Pediatric Orthotics and Prosthetics Services (POPS) program of Shriners Hospitals for Children®, through her fundraising program, Little POPS of Love. She hopes her program will help ensure that children who need these custom-designed devices will have them, and will have the chance to be as independent as possible, achieve their goals and believe in their dreams.