Celebrate Shriners International Awareness Day June 6

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

(TAMPA, Fla.) On June 6, 1876, the Imperial Council, the governing body of the Shriners fraternity, was founded. To celebrate and recognize this important milestone in our history, Shriners International has declared June 6 Shriners International Awareness Day. On this day, nobles across the globe are encouraged to celebrate their great fraternity and spread awareness in their communities.

Shriners International urges all nobles to display their pride in the fraternity on June 6 by wearing a fez (when appropriate), hat, shirt, lapel pin, or other item with the fraternity’s logo. In addition to sporting Shriner apparel, Shriners International encourages all temples and Shrine clubs to organize special events at their temples and in their communities to honor the achievements of the organization. Presenting these events will also support membership efforts. After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of the “world’s greatest philanthropy?”

“Shriners International Awareness Day is one of the highpoints of our Imperial Year. It is a day when our nobility becomes re-energized and eager to raise awareness of the amazing achievements of the Shriners fraternity,” said John Cinotto, Imperial Potentate. “For more than 140 years our brotherhood has demonstrated the strength in fellowship and philanthropy.”

This international day of recognition is an annual opportunity for Shriners to share information about the fraternity, its history and the benefits of becoming part of an organization dedicated to fun, fellowship and philanthropy.

Here are afew ways both nobles and temples can get involved:

  • Wear your fez on Shriners International Awareness Day when appropriate (during an official Shriners function).
  • Show pride in Shriners International by wearing a hat, shirt, lapel pin, or other item with the fraternal logo.
  • Organize an event at your temple or in your local community. Invite the public to participate to increase awareness and interest in your local temple and Shriners International.
  • Promote Shriners International Awareness day on your temple website and social media pages. 
  • Announce the date at all club and unit meetings to ensure all nobles are informed.
  • Distribute membership materials, including the pocket petition, to potential prospects during community events.
  • Update your social media profile picture to show you wearing your fez or Shriners logo wear.
  • Use the hashtag #ProudShriner or #ShrinersDay on your event photos that day.