Noble Brian Watson honored with Shriner Spotlight Award

Friday, August 19, 2016
Brian Watson

Noble Brian Watson of Acacia Shriners in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the recipient of the Shriner Spotlight Award for summer 2016. The award program honors outstanding nobles who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to both the fraternity and its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children®.

A Champion of his Local temple, Shriners Hospital and Masonic Lodge

Deeply dedicated to both Shriners International and the children Shriners Hospitals serves, Noble Watson has become a highly valued and irreplaceable member of his temple.

“Noble Watson is one of our unsung heroes at Acacia Shriners,” said Illustrious Sir Dorian P. Heroman, P.P., Treasurer of Acacia Shriners. “He is a constant within our temple. He is active with the Oriental Band, which he served as President, and has been our Inner Guard for meetings for as long as I can remember – maybe 20 years.”

Noble Watson regularly keeps the band members informed of parades, Ceremonials and other events so the band can be prepared and provide a great performance. He even picks up members who cannot drive themselves to meetings, including a saxophone player who is blind. During Ceremonials, he is there early to ensure the band is where it is supposed to be and that the script is noted appropriately for the band. Several times, when a member was ill, he participated in the Ceremonial in whatever capacity was needed.

Noble Watson has also taken ownership of the Acacia Shriners Easter Egg Hunt. He, his wife and daughter make sure the plastic eggs are ready to be stuffed with candy and gum for the children to enjoy. He ensures that the number of eggs is correct, the yard is divided off for the appropriate age groupings, parking is directed by at least three people to prevent potential problems, and that someone fits into the rabbit costume for the party. Noble Watson’s wife is always there to ensure the food is prepared and ready to be enjoyed after the egg hunt, and he and his family help select the prizes for the kids, including chocolate eggs and bunnies, and make sure every child is given a stuffed animal.

Noble Watson also works in the kitchen during the temple’s Christmas party for Shriners Hospitals for Children patients. “When it rained on the cycles and dune buggies bringing in Santa, Noble Watson was one of the nobles to grab an umbrella or towel for the guys,” said Illustrious Sir Heroman. “He will help make sure the patients and their families are welcomed and assist them however he can. Noble Watson has even made himself available for trips to transport patients to our Shreveport Shriners Hospital.”

Outside of the fraternity, Noble Watson works as an operator at a local chemical plant. Even when his work requires him to stay late, he will go directly to the temple for meetings before going home. After greeting his brother nobles, he will then ask ‘what can I do?’

“Noble Watson is quick to sell tickets, contact nobles and take part in all events,” said Illustrious Sir Heroman. “He seems to always be at all the functions; if he is not, you can catch him on his cell phone at work. He will set up tables, move chairs, bring food plates to guests, or generally do whatever needs doing. He gives suggestions when asked, and helpful comments, too.”

A Past Master, Noble Watson also actively promotes Shriners International within his local lodge, and consistently invites lodge brothers, friends and families to temple functions and fundraisers to spread awareness and promote strong Masonic relations. His lodge even threw a surprise birthday party for Noble Watson when he turned 50, and the members said it had the highest attendance of any event they could recall.  

“His more than 25 years of active service demonstrate his dedication to the fraternity and philanthropy we all love,” said Illustrious Sir Heroman. “I believe he is representative of all four elements of the Shriners International mission statement.”

Congratulations to Noble Watson for his achievements and for being chosen for the summer 2016 Shriner Spotlight Award.

How to nominate

To submit a nomination for the quarterly Shriner Spotlight Award, please send the name of the person are you nominating and why, along with a photo of the noble (wearing a fez) and a signed photo consent form, to shrinepr@shrinenet.org.

*Recipients may not be a member of their temple’s Divan, and must be actively involved in promoting membership.