Congratulations to Illustrious Sir Merv Moxley, the Winter 2017-2018 Shriner Spotlight Award Recipient

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Illustrious Sir Chibu Uson, Potentate of Khartum Shriners; Judi Moxley; Susan Moxley Cote; and Illustrious Sir Merv Moxley at the Khartum Luncheon

In recognition of his outstanding dedication to both the fraternity and its philanthropy, Illustrious Sir Merv Moxley of Khartum Shriners in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, was named the recipient of the Shriner Spotlight Award for winter 2017-2018.

In October 1949, Illustrious Sir Moxley joined the Beaver Iconic Lodge, where he is still a member. In July 1951, he joined Khartum Shriners, and became a member of the Oriental Band later that year. By 1958, Moxley and a few other Shriners who were interested in riding instead of walking had started the Khartum Motor Patrol. A few years later, Moxley thought that the Potentate should have a Harley-Davidson escort in parades, and he, along with some of the members of the Motor Patrol, approached the Potentate about starting the Khartum Cycle Escort.

“My dad was an active member in each of the units he belonged to,” said Illustrious Sir Moxley’s daughter, Susan Moxley Cote. “He wore his fez proudly. Growing up, I remember him going off to Shrine conventions in Canada and the U.S. He would always bring us something special back.”

In 1972, Moxley was asked by Illustrious Sir Doug Stewart to join the Divan, and he became Potentate in 1981. Illustrious Sir Moxley carried out his duties proudly, representing Khartum Shriners in all his travels. After his year was done, he joined the Past Potentates Association.

On October 29, 2017, Illustrious Sir Moxley celebrated his 100th birthday. He has been a Shriner for 66 years, is the oldest member of Khartum Shriners, and has the lowest membership number. In recognition of his accomplishments, Khartum Shriners honored Illustrious Sir Moxley with a luncheon on November 4, and presented him with a beautiful certificate.

“For 100, he is still very sharp, and remembers his active Shrine adventures with amazing clarity,” said Cote.

We thank Illustrious Sir Moxley for his contributions to Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children, and congratulate him on receiving the Shriner Spotlight Award.

Pictured: Illustrious Sir Chibu Uson, Potentate of Khartum Shriners; Judi Moxley; Susan Moxley Cote; and Illustrious Sir Merv Moxley (in the front) at the Khartum Luncheon

How to nominate

To submit a nomination for the quarterly award, please send the name of the person you are nominating and why, along with a photo of the noble (wearing a fez), to shrinepr@shrinenet.org.

*Recipients may not be a member of their temple’s Divan, and must be actively involved in promoting membership.