Noble Gordon Husk honored with Shriner Spotlight Award

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Gordon Husk

Noble Gordon Husk of Murat Shriners in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the recipient of the Shriner Spotlight Award for winter 2016–2017. The award program honors outstanding nobles who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to both Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children®.

A reputation of devotion

Known for his demonstrated dedication to both the fraternity and its philanthropy, Noble Husk has certainly earned this honorable recognition.

“As I read the qualifications for the Shriner Spotlight Award, no greater brother comes to mind than Gordon Husk,” said Jerry Breedlove, past president of the Boone County Shrine Club. “His dedication and unwavering service to Shriners Hospitals for Children, as well as the temple, is heroic to say the least.”

Noble Husk served for five years as an associate member of the Board of Governors for Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago, and served the maximum, nine years, as a regular member. During this time, he served as treasurer, vice chairman and chairman of the Board of Governors. After his active service, he was appointed a board member Emeritus.

As an Emeritus member, Noble Husk attends hospital board meetings and serves on the hospital’s executive, strategic planning, finance and budget, human resources, and nominating committees.

A strong representative for his temple

Noble Husk produces the newspaper for the annual Murat Paper Crusade, participates in the planning, and also helps operate the Paper Crusade sites. He also authors the Hospital News articles for the monthly Murat Magazine, sharing success stories about our patients.

In addition, Noble Husk frequently participates in speaking engagements to make the public aware of our Shriners Hospitals and helps during the patient referral process. As a hospital van driver, he has more than 500 trips to his credit.

Noble Husk is also a presenter at the Murat Leader Seminar, covering information about our health care system, and actively attends Murat stated meetings and the meetings of several units and clubs.

Dedicated to our membership efforts, Noble Husk has brought seven family members into Masonry, via a one-day class. Today, two of those family members are now officers of his home lodge, three are Scottish Rite Masons, and one is a Shriner.

Noble Husk was also the caregiver for his wife until her death a year ago, while still remaining active with Shriners International.

We thank Noble Husk for his contributions to the fraternity and its philanthropy, and congratulate him on receiving the Shriner Spotlight Award.

How to nominate

To submit a nomination for the quarterly award, please send the name of the person you are nominating and why, along with a photo of the noble (wearing a fez), to shrinepr@shrinenet.org.

*Recipients may not be a member of their temple’s Divan, and must be actively involved in promoting membership.