Reece family legacy: Commitment to community and fraternity

Thursday, February 9, 2017
Gene and Eugene

Submitted by Eugene R. Reece Jr., and Eugene R. Reece III – Beja Shriners, Green Bay, Wis.; Written by Eugene R. Reece Jr.

I am proud to share that I am a legacy Shriner, but more importantly I’m proud to share that my son is a Shriner.

My legacy begins with my Uncle Russel Grafmiller, who was a Noble of the Mizpah Shriners in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His legacy continues through his son Jim, who is a current member of Mizpah Shriners. I became a Mason as a legacy to my grandfather, Oliver Grafmiller.

I joined the Masonic fraternity in 1994 and became a Shriner with Beja Shriners in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1996. My Shriner experience has led to many personal accomplishments, including my current position on the Board of Governors at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Twin Cities and as Potentate of Beja Shriners in 2016. Both of these opportunities have provided me with a resounding personal pride, but I must share that these accomplishments, although rewarding, do not match my proudest accomplishment as a Shriner – watching my son Eugene becoming my legacy as a Shriner in 2015.

Serving in the fire service for the last 36 years, community service has become a family commitment. Eugene joined me in this commitment eight years ago when he became a volunteer firefighter/EMT. He now carries on two legacies: as a firefighter and Shriner. As Shriners, we serve as members of our Stop Burn Injures - Burn Prevention Unit, bringing together the two passions in our lives.

Pictured: Eugene R. Reece III and his father Eugene R. Reece, Jr. Both are Shriners and firefighters. (photo credit: Tinch Photography)

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