The Shriners’ Legacy Program: The Healy Family’s Shriner Legacy

Monday, February 29, 2016
Healy legacy

As Shriners, we are part of an international organization that strengthens us individually, enhances our families and makes us part of a history of brotherhood and camaraderie. And, as Shriners, we also have the opportunity to be legacies. The Legacy Program helps strengthen our fraternal bonds with those closest to us, and allows members to honor the many men before us who laid the foundation of our great fraternity.

Each February, which is now designated as Legacy Month, temples are encouraged to host Legacy Nights to promote membership and honor the members who have taken part in this program. Throughout the month, Shriners International will also share stories of legacy families in our various publications and on our websites in recognition of their dedication to the Shriners fraternity.

For many men, like those in the Healy family, being a Shriner is a family tradition that stretches across generations.

Leaving a Legacy – A Family of 10 Shriners, and Still Growing

Blair Healy of Yelduz Shriners in Aberdeen, S.D., has a long line of connections to both Masonry and Shriners International. His great grandfather, E. Oscar Healy, brought his Masonic ties to Langford, S.D., from Wisconsin in 1909, and affiliated with Tinta Lodge No. 116 in February 1915. His grandfather, John W. Healy, also joined the Masonic lodge in 1920. In 1951, Blair’s father, Robert J. Healy, also became a Mason, but took it a step further by becoming a Shriner, officially starting the family’s Shriner legacy.

Over a span of 10 years, all four of Robert’s sons, Dennis, Reed, Curtis and Blair, along with one son-in-law, Neil Foote, joined the local lodge and became members of Yelduz Shriners. Five of his grandsons, Jon and Jack Healy, Chad Healy, Jason Owen, and Mike Foote, all also followed the same path of membership in Tinta Lodge and Yelduz Shriners. Today, Blair is an active member of his temple, and proud of his family’s legacy. And, he said, “Our legacy is not yet finished.”

In fact – in the past two months, both Dennis and Blair had son-in-laws join the family’s legacy by also becoming members of Tinta Lodge No. 116 and Yelduz Shriners. “What a great feeling having two more family members join in the fun and support of our Shriners Hospitals for Children,” said Blair.

“Growing up, I saw how much fun my parents and their friends were having while attending Shriners functions. Today, we are still having fun while supporting our temple and hospitals. We have all seen the results of local kids positively affected by Shriners Hospitals for Children,” said Blair. “How can having fun produce so much good? It’s just great when our family comes together to participate in a parade, pop corn for the circus, or raise money for our ‘Shrine Kids.’”

Start your family’s legacy today.