Noble George O. Watson Named Shriner of the Month

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Noble George O. Watson of Anah Shriners in Bangor, Maine, has been named Shriner of the Month for September 2014. The award program was developed by the leadership of Shriners International to honor outstanding nobles who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to both the fraternity and its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children.

An Indispensable Asset to his Fraternity

Noble Watson of Presque Isle, Maine, became a member of Anah Shriners in 1989. He then joined the Oriental Band unit, where he served as a board member, secretary, and president several times. As an annual fundraiser, the Oriental Band held a “Casino Night” for local businesses, Christmas parties and business banquets.  Noble Watson designed and built several different electronic gambling games for these events, which are still used today. Noble Watson was also one of the founding charter members of the Anah Indies, a motorized unit in Aroostook County. He also served on this unit’s board of directors, and as its secretary and president.

When he joined Anah Shriners, Noble Watson also became a member of the Aroostook Shrine Club, which he served for several years as a board member and secretary, and later as president.  In 1998, he was instrumental in obtaining permission for the Aroostook Shrine Club to build its own clubhouse. With a degree in architectural drafting and general building construction, Noble Watson provided the necessary drawings and design work for the structure’s approval, and he was a crucial part of the construction effort. Today, the Aroostook Shrine Club has an excellent clubhouse that hosts many outside organizations’ events. Construction of the building was completed without any exchange of monetary funds – all aspects were completed by members of the Aroostook Shrine Club. After the construction was completed, Watson served several years as a board member, secretary and then president of the Shrine Building Trustees Association.

A Successful Leader

A couple of years after the Anah Shrine Circus asked Noble Watson to assist with the operation of a circus spotlight, he became circus lighting director, and then in 1994 he was appointed circus chairman, a position he has held for the past 20 years. Prior to that appointment, Noble Watson had also been Aroostook Shrine Club’s Shrine Circus tickets and advertising chairman for many years. Under Noble Watson’s supervision, the club’s income from the circus doubled, and Anah Shriners’ bottom line increased. As a result of the standards Noble Watson implemented, the circus generates $10,000 in income annually for the Aroostook Shrine Club.

As part of Anah Shriners’ Circus committee, Noble Watson travelled annually to the Shrine Circus Association of North America (SCANA). He was asked to be a workshop presenter at SCANA’s annual meeting, which he did, on the topic “How to Operate a Small Circus.” His workshop was voted as the best and most informational by attendees, and he was presented an award for his program.

With endless accomplishments under his belt, he has done even more. Noble Watson’s love of golf has led him to oversee several of Anah Shriners’ Golf Tournaments for Ceremonials, as well as Field Days. Also realizing the ever-important role membership plays in the success of the fraternity and its philanthropy, Noble Watson has sponsored several candidates for membership in Shriners International.

Congratulations to Noble Watson for his achievements and for being chosen Shriner of the Month.