Noble Barry M. Gould Named Shriner of the Month

Monday, April 27, 2015

Noble Barry M. Gould of Salaam Shriners in Livingston, N.J., has been named Shriner of the Month for April 2015. The award program was developed by the leadership of Shriners International to honor outstanding nobles who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to both the fraternity and its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children.

A Valued Member of Salaam Shriners

Noble Gould was raised at St. John’s Lodge #1 F. & A.M. of Mountain Lakes, N.J. in 1983 and then volunteered as state director of public relations for DeMolay Leaders of New Jersey.

He served his Blue Lodge twice as Worshipful Master (1988 and 2014) and as a Trustee.  He also served on the Masonic Education and Leadership Committee of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, and is slated to be a Grand Chaplain for the ensuing year this month.

Noble Gould has been an active member of Salaam Shriners for more than 15 years and has participated in countless parades on behalf of the temple, marching through the ranks of the String Band unit, where he served as president. He has also served as president of the Mid-Atlantic Shrine String Band Association.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in printing management and technology, he became the editor of Salaam Shrine News, which won Dromedary Awards. Under his leadership, circulation increased as well as participation by the nobility. Using his printing knowledge, he and another noble recently started TrestleMaster, an online printing service for lodges to professionally print and mail trestleboards and other items.

Noble Gould has served as president of the Past Masters’ Club for four years and during this time developed a newsletter to increase communication and participation. Realizing a fez couldn’t be worn in Blue Lodges, Noble Gould developed a necktie that could be presented not only to members of the Past Masters’ Club, but also to the Worshipful Masters of a lodge by Salaam Shriners during Shrine Night.

Those Shrine Nights, which were at times a complete “temple call-out,” were both popular and successful in terms of increasing temple membership via the Blue Lodges. He spent five years on the Salaam Shriners’ membership team, where he served as co-chairman of Recruitment, Retention and Restoration, and created a tradeshow-like event called Unit Carnival. Noble Gould also helped Salaam Shriners establish an amnesty plan, which was co-signed by the then-Grand Master. He also helped develop a new unit for younger nobles called the Sheiks Club, and helped create a room for child-sitting during Shrine events called Tassles. During those years, Noble Gould built and manned the membership booth at the Annual Grand Lodge Communication where he distributed free “Find Your Place in Salaam Shrine” bookmarks, which he designed, for the officers’ ritual books.

Noble Gould used his marketing expertise to re-brand Salaam’s circus, making it very profitable. He helped facilitate new coordinated graphics for the road signs, stationery and posters, ticket giveaways on the radio, along with interviews and news releases. He also wrote and recorded commercials as a freelance voiceover announcer and DJ “Barry Drucker.”

Noble Gould additionally served Salaam Shriners for three years as trustee, and would arrive early in the day and shut the temple down at night. He was in charge of the stage and lighting equipment and would tend to security alarm issues in the middle of the night.

Making an Impact

Considered Salaam Shriners’ “Eyes to the World,” Noble Gould’s efforts extended beyond the temple. Locally, the cost of TV media is prohibitive, so he found a way for the message of Shriners Hospitals for Children to reach millions of people. As a devoted fan of ABC’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, he would occasionally attend tapings of the show in New York City. In August 2013, he was part of the audience during a week of charity shows dedicated to the Children’s Miracle Network. After the show, he talked to the staff about how a similar program could be done for his charity, Shriners Hospitals for Children. That began a year-and-a-half-long project of unanswered calls and e-mails and dead ends, until one day in August 2014, when he finally made the right connection. He presented the collaborative concept to the corporate public relations department for evaluation, and within three weeks, the show benefiting Shriners Hospitals was being taped. On October 20, the last day of the season, the Salaam Shriners Potentate and several Divan officers and their ladies traveled to ABC Studios in Stamford, Conn., to attend the show, which aired nationally the week of Feb. 9-13, 2015.

Noble Gould’s unceasing dedication to the fraternity and philanthropy, as well as his honorable character is clear to all those who know him. “His entire life has been about Freemasons and Shriners. His story is inspirational and a model for all of Shrinedom,” said Andrew H. “Ziggy” Zagoren, Chief Rabban of Salaam Shriners.

“Noble Gould has a brother with special needs, eight years older than him, who he attends to,” said Noble Zagoren. “He truly exemplifies brotherly love. Literally, he is his brother’s keeper and has been for a long time. Noble Gould also has worked as the director of a program that would teach audio and video production to the special needs community and has worked with the State of New Jersey in developing resources for special needs adults to participate in a mainstreamed lifestyle. He recognizes and seeks to help those less fortunate than him, and that has made him a more complete and humble man, Mason and Shriner.”

Congratulations to Noble Gould for his achievements and for being chosen as Shriner of the Month.