Noble Marion L. McWilliams Named Shriner of the Month

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mac McWilliamsNoble Marion L. (Mac) McWilliams of Ararat Shriners in Kansas City, Mo., has been named Shriner of the Month for May 2014. The new award program, which launched in January 2014, was developed by the leadership of Shriners International to recognize those nobles who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to both the fraternity and its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children®. Personal displays of leadership, especially by example, and consistent participation in temple activities and efforts, and/or support of the health care system, all contribute to consideration for the award.

An Invaluable Resource to the Fraternity

Noble McWilliams of Independence, Mo., has been a Shriner for nearly 40 years. He is an active member of the Ararat Oriental Band, and is both a member and officer of the Country Classics Shrine Club. Noble McWilliams was instrumental in establishing the biannual Ararat Swap Meet, which has been one of the temple’s largest fundraisers for more than 20 years. He has also served as Aide to several temple Potentates, and consistently plays an important role during the annual Ararat Shrine Circus. He has also taken charge of the cooking events for the local chapter of the Order of Quetzalcoatl.

An embodiment of the spirit of fun, fellowship and camaraderie, Noble McWilliams has helped to provide many attractive, quality programs and services to the members, families and friends of Ararat Shriners.

A Friendly, Positive Attitude Others Wish to Emulate

Noble McWilliams is consistently at the gate of the Swap Meets, welcoming members of the community in with a friendly smile. His pleasant conversations with the guests often lead to a greater contribution than the designated entrance fee. A strong advocate for the philanthropy, Noble McWilliams directs the donations to the Hospital Patient Transportation Fund, constantly declaring, “This is for the kids.”

Wanting to be a part of what gives him so much fun and energy, others look up to Noble McWilliams and adopt his ways, which has strengthened temple membership. Noble McWilliams also supports his lodge and has attracted many good men to Freemasonry.

“We are thankful to have such a remarkable member within our fraternity,” said Shriners International Executive Vice President and Imperial Recorder Jack H. Jones. “Noble McWilliams truly embodies the spirit of the Shriner of the Month Award.”

Congratulations to Noble McWilliams for his achievements and for being chosen Shriner of the Month.