Shriners International reimagines Beashrinernow.com

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Be A Shriner Now launch

After months of collaboration with Shriners International leadership, membership development, designers and writers, we have officially launched the new beashrinernow.com website.

Introducing the fraternity to a new generation of Masons

The reimagined site highlights the fun, fellowship and philanthropy that are the hallmarks of being a Shriner. While preserving the 150 years of fraternal traditions, the new beashrinernow.com membership recruitment system takes steps to promote relevance to a new and diverse generation of men of good character.

From our history to our mission, values and support of Shriners Hospitals for Children, viewers will learn what it means to be a Shriner and how to take the next steps through one of three streamlined pathways: Master Mason to Shriner, Entered Apprentices and Fellowcraft Masons, and those who are not yet Masons.

A new experience for Shriners

On the website, a Mason will be prompted to fill out a short form, starting the process of connecting him with local Shriners who will assist him on the journey to becoming a Shriner.

Interested men who are not yet Masons will be directed to the new beafreemason.org website, a collaboration between Shriners International, Scottish Rite NMJ and Scottish Rite SJ, which launched in early 2020.

“Whether you are a Mason, not yet a Mason or an active Shriner, beashrinernow.com is your online source to learn how being a Shriner will enhance your Masonic experience,” said Jim Smith, Imperial Potentate of Shriners International.