Utah ski camp for teen amputees is changing lives: ‘Life is about more than what you look like’

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Camp Un-limb-ited skier

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By Cathy Free @CATHYJFREE posted on February 7, 2017

Samuella Sadler always wanted to ski, but living in Atlanta where there is a lack of snow and the nearest resort is 200 miles away wasn’t the only problem the teenager faced.

Born with short limbs, the high school junior, now 17, had to have her left leg amputated below the knee when she was 18 months old.

“I’ve never let it hold me back — it’s all I’ve known,” she tells PEOPLE, “but I always wondered if there was a way to do something athletic with kids who were going through the same thing as me.” Read the entire story on people.com