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{"data":[{"created_time":"2019-03-23T22:26:04+0000","story":"Shriners International shared a post.","id":"114518182167_10155291792877168"},{"created_time":"2019-03-23T14:31:20+0000","message":"Happy #SelfieSaturday!","id":"114518182167_10155291145892168"},{"created_time":"2019-03-22T17:56:00+0000","message":"A Friday hashtag 2-for-1! Happy #FezFriday and #NationalPuppyDay!","id":"114518182167_10155289404412168"},{"created_time":"2019-03-22T13:01:00+0000","message":"As Melha Shriners (Springfield, MA) say goodbye to their longtime home on Longhill Street, they celebrated their history with a trip down memory lane when they opened a time capsule and prepared the cornerstone to bring to their new home.","id":"114518182167_10155287923667168"},{"created_time":"2019-03-21T18:56:14+0000","message":"This #TBT document goes waayyy back to 1924!\n\nAwesome digging Noble Zachary Ostrow, who found Mecca Noble Harry Houdini's petition to join Mecca Shriners. He was a member of St. Cecile Lodge #568 The Lodge Of The Arts. \n\nFrom Zach.\n\"From the newly discovered archives of Mecca Shriners. Original Petition of Harry Houdini, \u201cAuthor, Lecturer, Mystifier\u201d. Initiated on December 29, 1924 and admitted to the Unseen Temple on October 31, 1926. This proves that all written public records have the incorrect date of his initiation into the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.","story":"Shriners International shared a post.","id":"114518182167_10155288064602168"}]}