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Sugden Family Legacy

John Sugden    John Sugden Jr., PR director at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Boston, is part of a Shriner family legacy that spans more than 90 years and started with his grandfather in 1919. He proudly displays his grandfather's fez in his office.

In 2012, Shriners International began the Shriners Legacy Program to honor, encourage and recognize the family tradition of membership in the fraternity. The program is open to any male family member related to a Shriner and offers several ways for members to be recognized. Acknowledgments include the gold legacy pin which represents family pride and Shriner lineage, as well as the Shriners Legacy Award which honors the fraternity member who has continued the family tradition and values of Shriners International. Shriners Village will feature stories throughout Legacy Month to honor the generations of Shriners who continue to carry on the legacy of the fraternity.

The Sugden family, whose Shrine heritage spans more than 90 years, exemplifies the spirit of the Shriners Legacy Program. In 1919, Walter J. Sugden joined Aleppo Shriners in Massachusetts to further his Masonic commitment to brotherly love, truth and relief. In honor of their grandfather, John F. Sugden Jr., and James W. Sugden II both joined the fraternity to carry on the Sugden Shriners heritage.

John F. Sugden Jr., an Aleppo Shriner and employee of Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Boston, participates in the Shriners Legacy program to honor his family tradition and to signify his commitment to the fraternity. Sugden proudly displays his grandfather’s fez – one of his most prized possessions – in his office at the Boston hospital.  “My grandfather’s fez is emblematic of all the care that has been given to children by this great fraternity,” said Sugden. When asked about his grandfather’s membership, Sugden said he wishes he could speak to his grandfather about the vision and sense of fraternal pride of the men back in 1919.

Sugden wishes to continue his family Shrine heritage by becoming an inspiration and role model to the future generations of Shriners. “To show the young men of today what the true act of serving means while being a member of such a great fraternity,” is what Sugden describes as the purpose of his own Shrine legacy.

To learn more about becoming a Shriner, visit www.beashrinernow.com.

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