TEMPLE FINANCIAL MANUAL - (pdf) (updated 03/17)

FORMS (Last updates: 11/16)


SECTION 1 - Annual Operating Budget Procedures 
                      Budget & Comparison Form and Instructions

SECTION 2 - Accounting and Financial Statement Requirements
                      Uniform Chart of Accounts
                      Document Retention Schedule

External Auditor InformationSample Financial Statements, Footnotes & Schedules
                                                    Sample Accounting Standards Board Statements
                                                    Sample Engagement Letters

                       Clubs & Units Year End Reporting Information
                       Clubs & Units Form and Instructions
                       Annual IRS Shrine Club Verification

SECTION 3 - Tax Policy and IRS Information
                       IRS Exemption Letters and Name Change
                       Unrelated Business Income

Tax ReturnsInstructions for Temple with combined units Tax Return & Schedules
                        Temple with combined units Tax Form 990 & Schedules
                        Business Activity Codes

                        Instructions for Group Return & Schedules
                        Group Return Tax Form 990

                        Instructions for "Zero" Group Return - clubs with annual gross receipts of $50,000 or less
                        "Zero" Group Return Tax Form 990

SECTION 4 - Systems - Fraternal Information Services

SECTION 5 - Fundraising Activities
                      Fundraising Policies & Procedures (brochure)

Charitable Fundraising:  Fundraising Activity Approval Form
                                          Charitable Activity Form & Instructions
                                          Request to retain greater than 50% of the net proceeds

SECTION 6 - Special Purpose Funds

SECTION 7 - Shrine Hospital Patient Transportation Fund
                      Annual Report of Shrine Hospital Patient Transportation Fund

SECTION 8 - Shriners International Incorporation Forms & Instructions